Q2 2022

24 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , A transport and logistics company operating in Singapore, BUZZSG Private Limited has been making a name for itself by offering exemplary travel services to blue-collar workers. A business focusing on the service of helping workforces, migrants, and uniformed professionals get from A to B quickly, safely, and efficiently, BUZZSG is quickly securing its place as a trusted professional element amongst its peers and clients both. A company specialising in uniform personnel transport in particular, BUZZSG Private Limited is a relatively young company. Having found its feet in the previous year on the 21st of October, it has been spending its first fledgling months in operation setting itself up and garnering attention amongst its clientele, working hard to develop a reputation that will lead to further growth in the future. Fundamentally, it has been achieving this with its rental and leasing of cars with a driver included. Excluding street-hail and ride-share, this company transports clients and their staff from A to B quickly and effectiveness, its business-tobusiness solutions ensuring that professionals can get where they need to be in comfort and safety. Alumni of the Singapore Management University, BUZZSG’s easy access transportation has become well known in its region. Additionally, being a quick and easy service to contract, it ensures a ‘no fuss’ ethos permeates every element of its operations, allowing it to serve the blue-collar workforce with exactly the service they require, on time, and within budget. Its transportation solutions are thusly mostly partaken of by blue-collar workers, migrant workers, and other uniformed personnel who require a reliable way to cross from one site to another, and its staff approach each job with a steadfastness that it has become known for in its industry. Despite its youth as an enterprise, it has secured its place as an up-and-coming transport expert and expert, with its founder having instilled it with the motto ‘a better journey for servicemen’, gathering staff around him who will help him to uphold this as a core tenant of his business. The CEO, Afiq Jumahat, cut his teeth in the transport industry with an education from Temasek Polytechnic, an aviation, airway management, and operations school that gave him experience with all elements of the field from the logistics of personnel management to the organisation of various transport elements. Best Uniform Personnel Transportation Specialists 2022 Jan22036