Q2 2022

32 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , When you’ve spent a lifetime in the city, the country is a welcome break indeed. For Gareth and Pete, the powerhouses behind the culinary delights at Potager, it was a change that would transform their lives. In the Australian Enterprise Awards, the team achieved double-awards success being named Best Contemporary Dining Experience - Northern NSW and Excellence Awarded for Wedding Hosting Services - Northern NSW. We take a closer look to see how they did it. Potager was always meant to offer delectable food and a stunning dining experience, but it was not originally meant to be a restaurant. When Gareth and Pete moved to the rural landscapes of Carool, they planned to build a luxury B&B. These plans, ambitious indeed, stalled, but the beating heart of what the team had to offer remained. Gareth’s food has always drawn people in, and so they built their new idea around that. The result, Potager, celebrates Gareth’s incredible passion for cooking. Good food, and never settling for anything less, is what drives the Potager team forward. To them, there is no concept of pretence or overcomplication. This simply distracts from what lies on the plate. When you come to Carool, you can be sure of a great meal in an environment that has an atmosphere and a life all its own. In such a special location, the Potager team have made the decision that they are going to embrace the potential of it. As far as possible, their work reflects the local community. Everything from plates to tables is sourced from the businesses that are in the nearby area. Every week, Gareth and his intrepid troupe shop for the freshest produce, with meats coming from Paul at Jack Sprats Butchery, fish coming from PKG Seafoods in West Tweed and fruits and vegetables from a variety of sources including Cecil Farms from Uki. The team also have their own kitchen garden, meaning that whilst they don’t grow everything they serve, they serve everything they grow. With such a stunning experience for fine dining in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, it’s little wonder that Gareth and Pete have been asked to host many weddings over the years. Their relaxed approach in this rural paradise creates a stunning backdrop on which to celebrate a marriage. On a day that should always be remembered, the Potager team go above and beyond to make sure every detail is perfect. The rustic locale, combined with the modern interiors, make this the perfect place to host ceremonies of any sort. With the team’s passion and experience to support you, nothing need be left to chance. When Gareth and Pete moved to Carool, they found a place that was thoroughly unique. Potager embraces this uniqueness and uses it as the secret sauce that goes into every experience they curate for their customers. With such incredible success behind them, we cannot wait to see what this talented team cooks up next. Company: Potager Name: Peter Burr Email: [email protected] Fine Dining Delights! Feb22212