Q2 2022

8 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 6 Singapore Business Awards 2022 , the piece go to its new owner. Each watch arrives safely and in perfection condition in this manner, and it fulfils the watchpurchasing needs of a myriad of different people across its target market as a direct result, its stores also offering a repairs and maintenance service from its expert technicians. This is something that – above all else – sets it apart from its peers. Whilst it’s excellence in terms of quality and customer service are both things to write home about, so to speak, its maintenance and repairs service are something incredibly unique in the industry, as having an in-house technical team on hand to provide such a thing is incredibly rare in watch sales. Therefore, it has been able to set itself head and shoulders above its competition and be able to truly mean it when it calls itself a ‘one-stopshop’ for watch and timepiece needs, breathing a new lease of life into the damaged and older pieces and selling the newest, latest, and greatest pieces in line with current fashion trends and popular styles. It also operates with a timeless class and elegance when it comes to serving its customers, making sure it values itself most strictly on its ability to provide for a customer’s wants and needs above all else, keeping itself an agile and adaptive name in the field despite the relative age of its business. Due to this, it reassures its clients that despite being an older firm, it has not stagnated, nor will it. Instead, it keeps itself abreast of all new trends and paradigms, exploring market shifts and dynamics so that it may serve the current needs of the modern watch shopper. In this way, as well as market trends, it also keeps track of the developments in modern technology. Like so many industries and sectors all over the world, the watch sales and creation industry are experiencing a current exponential boom in technological prowess and emphasis, with the popularity of the smart watches driving up the demand for Smart features and other elements being incorporated into classic timepieces. However, it keeping an eye on this doesn’t mean it is letting go of the timeless commitment to brilliant watches that fuelled its beginnings all those years ago, recognising that a big part of why clients trust it is that it has built a reputation of trust with them regarding the quality of their bespoke and bigbrand watch sales. This is what has ensured its development alongside its parent company after all, the dedication and professional acumen of the minds behind Stelux still felt in the knowledge implemented by City Chain Stores on a daily basis. Thus, internally, it has developed a healthy dynamic and a good rapport between the team. Something that has always been vitally important to City Chain Stores has been managing a carefully controlled and exemplary environment within the staff it recruits, ensuring everyone gets along and is on the same page vis-àvis the business and its goals. Its growth, both as a company in the macro scale and as individual teams, is something born out of the excellence of the products and processes, yes, but all of this is only made possible through the respect that the team show one another. After all, the staff of any business is the backbone and powerhouse both. City Chain Stores respects and recognises this, hiring those with the right attitudes and listening to its team members when it comes to discussions of compatibility and work ethic, their dedication to the company being well-recognised with an open ear and open mind. Therefore, its turnover rate is low and its profit margins are high, with each staff member excited to work together and work for its customers, helping each client who walks through its doors or visits its website to find the perfect product for them. Each staff member’s dedication to the watch sales business allows them to get to know the clients on a personal level, too, carrying their own unique perspectives on the different elements of each brand and piece in the City Chain Stores from the band to the mechanism itself. Fundamentally, it is manned by experts. Each can guide a client towards a watch that will fit the recipient’s style, sensibilities, and budget, serving mass-market consumers which nowadays look for function, form, and fashion, teasing out