Q2 2022

6 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , 4 Singapore Business Awards 2022 Established in 1985, City Chain Stores is a company whose founder – Stelux Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong company founded in 1963 – has been listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange Mainboard since 1972, giving it a background of business excellence and corporate pedigree that has served it in hitting the ground running. Fundamentally, Stelux boasts a number of mid-range and famous Swiss watch brands, being a timepiece sales company that has garnered the attention of a myriad of suppliers and designers as a great place through which to sell their wares over the time it has been in operation. Selling Universal Genève, Cyma, Solvil et Titus and Catena, it commands significant regional respect in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Mainland China, especially with those heavily involved in watch retail on a professional or collectible level. Furthermore, being a renowned subsidiary of Stelux Holdings, City Chain Stores has managed A fast-growing company with historical pedigree, modern excellence, and a contemporary dedication to excellence, City Chain Stores is making itself the watch retailer of the future with every product it brings on board. With a variety of in-person stores across its region – of three different types from multi-brand to mono-brand concepts – and a growing ecommerce section that has further found its footing in the past 18 months, this renowned watch retailer promises to take its brands and its customers into the bright future of digitally enabled, innovative modern retail. Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022 to gain footholds across a variety of different locations. Currently, it holds physical locations in its 3 lines of retail chain stores, the first offering mid-price range multi-brand watches, the second of which – Seiko Boutiques – offering luxury watches like Grand Seiko and Credor, and the third of which is a mono-brand Solvil et Titus watch store. The foot traffic and clientele attracted to each of these stores allows it access to a wide cross section of its market segment, able to cater to people looking for an above average yet affordable watch as well as those looking for something extra special for their collection. Alongside its branded store chains, of course, this company has also made itself a front-runner when it comes to ecommerce stores with a presence in a number of thirdparty ecommerce spaces online that widen its reach even further, giving truly comprehensive market access. Today, City Chain Stores is an ingrained professional voice when it comes to the discussion of watch sales. Its sales acumen, product quality, customer service, and accessibility through online and offline spaces have secured its place in the industry as one of the foremost entities on the market, gaining renown amongst its peers and its clients alike as it grows its reputation. Additionally, considering itself dedicated to the service of all watch-lovers, its promises to use its entrenched position in the industry to better it for all stakeholders. Critically, in terms of the work this company carries out, many crucial decisions are led by Alan Chia as the regional General Manager of City Chain Stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Consulting with other managerial position holders within the company, Alan wishes to see City Chain Stores succeed, researching, developing, and implementing a variety of different business strategies alongside his peers in order to secure this future. After all, this continuous improvement of itself and its services is something it holds a strict dedication to following through on. This is all in the name of giving back to the industry it loves so much, serving the clients of City Chain Stores who are both passionate and considerate, willing to wait until the best product comes along before dedicating themselves to a purchase. Thus, City Chain Stores wishes to prove to them that it has been – and remains to be – this option, able to satisfy the hankering of watch lovers who love collecting watches, or love to purchase the best quality product possible from one of the most trustworthy sources available to them. It proves its acumen time and time again, and its clients’ reviews and referrals reflect this, many of them coming back many more times after the fact and securing it a vast pool of return business from people who quickly become friends of the company. Additionally, its fashion-savvy watches are built with exquisite craftsmanship in mind, nothing being allowed to leave its stores or storage without having undergone rigorous quality testing first, ensuring the excellence of the mechanism, the lack of blemishes on the watch face or band, and the quality of the piece’s construction. After this evaluation is done, its experts are happy to let Dec21715 Dec21715