Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 21 , Protectcorp Australia is a private security provider that has made itself a diligent and dedicated addition to the world’s protection industry. Throughout its work, it has made a name for itself with its empathic and understanding services, as well as its ability to combine human expertise with technological innovations to create a synergistic approach to security that allows for a comprehensive, safe, reliable result. Its clients, therefore, use it time and time again as their one-stop-shop for private security services, and it dedicates itself to consistent improvement and adaptable in order to maintain this position as a front-runner in its sector. Operating with a motto of ‘big enough to protect, small enough to serve,’ Protectcorp Australia is a security services provider that thrives on the implementation of five distinct principles. Nominally, making up its dedication to its clients and the foundation upon the rest of its work has been built, the pillars of this organisation are competitiveness, accountability, professionalism, safety, and integrity, allowing it to deliver exemplary security solutions to an international standard on behalf of its customers by adopting the best of leadership and management practices. Additionally, each of its staff are committed to operating at the height of professionalism. They have each been selected for their roles within the company due to their experience, demeanour, and true care for client safety, driven to each the loftiest of standards and never settle for second best. With its Guarding Operations, Protectcorp Australia provides experienced guards to clients’ venues and events, proficient in everything from static guarding to concierge, foot patrols, gatehouse, screening, shopping centre surveillance, and manned Best Security Solutions Provider - Australia covert surveillance. Protectcorp Australia can also provide armed security for its clients, with both traditional cash-intransit protection and the secure movement of other valuables, perfect for if a client or their staff carries any precious valuables that might be at risk during an event or even during the day-today running of a venue. Moreover, speaking of events, Protectcorp Australia is able to provide a highly experienced and dedication customer protection focused team during such gatherings, allowing clients to safeguard thousands of spectators, visitors, competitors, and VIPs, balancing the needs of individuals, groups, events promoters, and organisers. This also allows them to provide end-to-end close protection. With this service, its efforts are bespoke and lauded as exemplary across the board, its personnel working within this area of its business being from elite military and specialist law enforcement backgrounds, each highly gifted when it comes to incident response solutions and the state-of-the-art solutions that make this possible. Protectcorp Australia, thusly, is uniquely placed to be able to provide quick response and results to clients, its UAV Drone Operations being another facet of its technologically enabled security solutions. Additionally, its risk management consultancy is enabled by the combination of these technologies and the innate expertise held by its team, allowing for the expert auditing of the business, residence, event, or project, providing them unique peace of mind as well as the right advice to be able to safeguard each person attending their event. Protectcorp Australia promises that throughout its work it will ensure that clients are happy with the services they’re receiving, constantly in contact with them, and uniquely able to adapt to their changing needs; in this way, it has been able to maintain and build the trust of each client who utilises its services, and looks forward to plying its trade for many more professionals and individuals in the future. Company: Protectcorp Australia Contact: Fabiano Giaccherini Website: protectcorp.com.au Nov21412