Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 25 Moreover, he worked at MODE Architects for a time, giving him an emboldened idea of operational management work. It was this placement that also showed him the ins and outs of logistical and transportation management, allowing him to infuse BUZZSG with an emboldened knowledge of each of these fields, using it to improve the overall service he and his team can provide. Additionally, he also worked at the Ministry of Defence in Singapore for a good number of years. In his capacity as a transport supervisor with the Singapore Armed Forces, he worked for 3 years and 4 months to better the transportation and logistics industry as it pertained to military activities, having been able to use this experience to ensure the excellence of BUZZSG. As a young professional with a budding new business – and due to all the experience already under his belt – Afiq knows that in order to make a mark with BUZZSG, he must strive for better at every turn. Thus, on a personal level, he has been working hard to forge him own connections in the industry and make his mark with his peers, his focuses on media, transport, and consumer electronics such as information and communications technology allowing him to cover a broad scope of different interests. This is flung to further industry verticals still with his understanding of the food, beverage, and data analysis market. Currently focusing on finding incubators and accelerators who occupy the transport and logistics field, he is excited to get to know his fellow professionals better as BUZZSG moves forward into the bright future that is surely ahead. Critically, he is looking forward to finding mentors and partnerships with other start-ups, hoping to bring BUZZSG’s services to a much wider community of peers in the future as it grows in a naturalistic manner through the provision of its expert services. With a great range of capabilities available through its fleet, each handled by professional and discrete drivers who will only ever do their job to the letter of the specifications given to them, a customer can expect their transport to be safe, comfortable, and reliable. Each of these elements is something that Afiq has been staunchly integrating into the company since its inception. With a new world of work emerging thanks to the tumult of the pandemic, BUZZSG is looking forward to being a company born into the new frontier. Due to not being bogged down by the operational traditions of the past, it has been able to adapt well to the demands that the future will no doubt make of it, serving the contemporary bluecollar workforce with transport that includes strict sanitation rules, regard for Covid-safe procedures, and a respect for the changing world of technology and innovation. Thus, BUZZSG looks forward to seeing where the developing new epoch will take it, its peers, and its clients in the future, looking forward to leading by example with its continually expert transport and logistics. Company: BUZZSG Private Limited Contact: Afiq Jumahat