Q2 2022

34 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , At TuffChem Environmental Services Pte. Ltd. new and innovative solution has always been its main focus in order to help its clients achieve cleaning of process equipment for the oil & gas and power generating industry in the most sustainable way. TuffChem was recently awarded the best Industrial Cleaning Company for the Oil & Gas Industry by APEC Insight in 2021. Tuffchem Environmental Services was established in 1991 and over the years has built the trust with its customers in the Oil & Gas and Power Generating industries. Amongst its clients are many of the world’s largest oil & gas majors and EPC contractors. Their team of professional engineers and technicians have performed this work at clients’ sites in Singapore and most other Asian countries including the Middle East. Services are mostly chemical cleaning of process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks at refineries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and power plants. COP26 held in Glasgow in November 2021 was the 26th UN annual Climate Change Conference. It builds on the ambitious target to reduce global warming by 1.5- 2 degrees. Around 79% of all countries have now adopted at least one national-level adaptation plan. GHG is the focus with funding by government action such as carbon credits. This is helping the process, and is now creating a “Circular Economy” in many countries. Tuffchem is an active participant in this “Green process” by introducing processes and services that limit VOC and GHG emission and also the ability to treat and recycle its wastewater during the project execution. Replacing harmful chemicals with non-harmful ones Over the last two years there is a much larger acceptance within the industry that environmental protection has to be taken much more seriously. TuffChem has been promoting this change within the industry. “We have and always been a strong advocate for green technologies,” said their managing director Allister Lim Rochstad. “And we are extremely honored to be acknowledged for being a leader in that field within our industry.” She explained that within the company any new technology and method is carefully considered for its Life Cycle management process, using EMS as a tools ESG factors are now gaining a lot of traction as are effective solutions to them. Feb22414 Geopolymer bricks using waste material from refineries which earlier was sent to land fill.