Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 17 attitude with a creative ability to collaborate – a vital feature that incorporates its values. Above all else, work is conducted at the company with humility and respect, ensuring everyone connected to the business considers its role and acts accordingly. “With that, we build a bedrock of trust which will propel discussion and innovation forward, creatively,” explains Daniel. For the company, several challenges have affected the business and the industry, with Covid-19 highlighting and accelerating the understanding and need for corresponding data. Daniel adds to this, stating, “The challenge of the industry is to be able to find what they did not know that is buried within their data. Thus, the Graph Data Platform allows them to form relationships between data points to uncover what they do not know, discover the insights and make better decisions faster. With Covid-19, it is increased the adoption of Graph Data Platform to expedite faster decision making with a large scale of data.” Now, Neo4j is planning an exciting adventure in the new year, intending to keep supporting its customers with its Graph Data Platform with the mission to help them uncover gems within their data, discover the richness of these relationships and make decisions faster to grow their enterprise. Moreover, Daniel expands on the company’s future additions, stating, “For our community, we intend to continue our leadership and innovation in collaboration with them to deliver better technology at large. For our own team, to build a respectful, humble and delightful environment so that we will be happy contributing and learn.” Company Name: Neo4j Contact Name: Daniel Ng Web Address: neo4j.com Contact Email: [email protected]