Q2 2022

10 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Best Custom Caravan Manufacturer 2022 As a dedicated, diligent, and client-focused caravan company, Everest Caravans ensures that the link between customer and manufacturer is close and personable. Cutting out dealerships and middlemen, it ensures that a client can feel like an integral part of the process when working with it and its team to create their custom caravan. This results in a down-to-earth, friendly, and effective service that has become renowned all over Australia as a delight to work with, earning it a long list of loyal clients that trust it as the number one caravan specialist for the region. An Australian company fuelled by empowering its customers’ wanderlust, Everest Caravans gives its clients a custom-built solution to caravans, and a new way to explore the world around them. Fundamentally, it was established in 2019 off the back of this philosophy by an outstanding husband and wife team who have since dedicated themselves to offering a new type of caravan to the market, one that champions a close relationship between the manufacturer and client. In short, Everest Caravans seeks to offer a traditional build in a brand-new way, forever seeking new ways to go above and beyond the call of duty and push the envelope of what’s possible when it comes to manufacturing and building. Over the years, this commitment to serving its customer base with innovative, exemplary, and holistic caravanning solutions has won Everest Caravans a myriad of awards. Its Kombat E1, its Camo, and its Kombat Performance models are all awardwinning caravan models, and the development of each of these vehicles is a huge part of what has made this possible. Throughout the build, and indeed during the design and ideation process, Everest Caravans displays its core values and goals in a comprehensive manner, listening to the needs and requirements of its market segment in order to create caravans that resolve the challenges faced by the modern traveller. Kind, caring, adaptable, respectful, diverse, team-oriented, and driven by both sportsmanship and adding value to a client’s experience, its foundational principles have remained constant since its inception. Each of these are what inspires the diligence of its team to make a difference to its clients every day. Nominally, its team work hard to ensure that every client feels thoroughly taken care of right from the very first interaction, selling factory direct only and choosing to not have any dealerships involved, keeping the clients close to those making their caravan in order to make it a more intimate, personable experience, especially for custom builds. Its staff – each trained in house – make this possible by serving customers with empathy and understanding, prioritising quality over quantity, and allowing Everest Caravans to push through the challenges of the pandemic by rallying together. Remaining a staunchly small manufacturer with internationally upstanding processes, a dedicated team, and a loyal client base, Everest Caravans is looking forward to the bright future that the rest of 2022 will bring. Crucially, it will be making the most of the industry boom created by clients seeking to get back on the roads after the long periods of isolation by stepping up to the plate in its industry, delivering more exemplary custom builds that push the boundaries of excellence every time. Company: Everest Caravans Contact: Aneta Dimitrovski Website: http://www. everestcaravans.com.au/ Mar22270