Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 11 , Feb22538 Sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity are the beating heart that fuels Forest, a fashion and accessories brand stemming from Singapore. From opulent broaches to cashmere scarves, Forest produces an abundance of glamour and luxury for all, hoping to cultivate harmony across genders, ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Indeed, Forest is unique – it is exceptional, diverse, and high-quality. Founded in 2018, Forest, a Singapore fashion and accessories brand, began its ascent towards global popularity. Notable for offering fine, versatile accessories that combine high craftsmanship with timeless design, the company has acquired a reputation for quality, going so far as to be described as ‘breath-taking’ by one customer. Forest specialises in luxurious scarves and shawls made only from the finest grade of silk and cashmere; and whimsical brooches, coated with platinum and 24-karat gold. Furthermore, each Forest product is created through both economic and environmentally sustainable methods. At its heart, Forest is a company that embodies its core values. It enthusiastically acts as a catalyst for people to explore and, subsequently, grow into the best version of themselves. Like the harmonious diversity found within a forest, the brand strives to create a peaceful world made up of different colours, cultures, genders, visions, and lives. Everyone is welcome at Forest. It is through diversity that Forest is able to provide the highest-quality products and customer service. Indeed, Forest curates a wide variety of designs, giving people the power to reinvent themselves every day – inspiring people to look different and to feel different. Consequently, Forest attracts a diverse clientele that transgresses both age and gender. However, its customers share one thing in common – they appreciate the finer things in life, indulging in luxury and quality. Forest is, of course, the perfect outlet for such desires, supplying products that are on par with those of international fashion houses. For example, Forest scarves are synonymous with quality, trust, and personality. They are pieces of art, notable for their timelessness, sophistication, and practicality. In essence, each scarf is a fine piece of workmanship, akin to a wearable piece of art that exudes elegance and class. They are not mass-produced work – it takes approximately 6 - 9 months to produce one scarf from scratch to the end product. On top of this, the company boasts an impressive portfolio filled with sustainable products. All Forest products are made of green material, manufactured, and used in the most sustainable manner possible. In addition, they are hypoallergenic, kind to the environment, and contain no harmful materials or chemicals. Yet the company isn’t only devoted to aiding the environment, but it is also focused on giving back to the wider community. As of late, 10% of all profits at ShopAtForest.com, the company’s online store, are being donated to PA Nepal. These funds contribute to the care and support of child dependents of Nepalese convicts. Of course, behind all this, there must stand an effective, professional, and talented team. Forest’s staff are described as ‘dedicated,’ each of them bringing their own personal benefits to the company, be it design skills or marketing genius. Moreover, they are a prime feature within numerous reviews of the company, with customers describing the team as ‘excellent.’ Additionally, Tini Wu, the company’s founder, regularly gets involved with the daily running of the business. She actively takes an approach that involves the team in making decisions, as this enables them to gain a professional and personal stake in the organisation and its overall success. This commitment then leads to increased productivity as employees are actively participating in the company on a broader spectrum, with their success invested in the company’s wider growth. Forest has a bright future ahead. The fledgling company is beginning to take flight, finding popularity across the globe. It is currently working on expanding its reach throughout Southeast Asia, with plans to open its first overseas boutique in April 2022 at the Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. 2023 shows no signs of slowing down, with the opening of a further boutique in Malaysia. Contact: Tini Wu Company: Forest Web Address: https://shopatforest.com/ Best Luxury Scarves & Brooches Brand 2022