Q2 2022

30 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , XD Media is a new age digital marketing agency led by a team of young minds who are focused on helping businesses to unlock a new generation of consumers. It bridges the gap between traditional and modern strategies, creating a seamless transition into the future, with unparalleled results. The team at XD Media helps clients to find their voices. They focus on defining the client’s vision to get them to where they want to be. They develop tailor-made plans which leverage clients’ strengths to drive brand awareness and leave a lasting presence. Their meticulous service guarantees that no stone goes left unturned. Clients of XD Media can benefit from services in graphics, branding, media, digital marketing, content marketing, and strategic advisory. Graphics XD Media’s 2D and 3D animation service allows the team to bring clients’ brands to life with a unique multi-dimensional style. Sometimes, you just need a heightened sense of visual realism to make an impression; be it on your phone screen or sprawled across the side of a building with project mapping – XD Media’s multi-dimensional product brings the flair needed to enhance brands! Corporate stationery The company’s corporate stationery solution offers name cards, letterheads, corporate templates and more. Nothing says more about a brand than a concise and well thought out design that is consistent across all collaterals sent out externally. XD Media’s modern designs reflect the professionalism of a business. Brand design and analytics Nothing says more about a company than its brand and logo. Each brand should have its own unique story behind it, making it recognisable and memorable, enabling clients to know what to expect from them. XD Media can help client businesses to distinguish themselves from their competitors and highlight why they are the better choice! It can also analyse a client brand’s presence with its tried and tested standards and prepare an in-depth brand analytical report which pinpoints the under-performing metrics that are stopping a business from growing. Pitch deck creation and management XD Media’s proven pitch deck template can be applied onto a client business’ corporate deck in order to attract investors like a magnet, meaning they can save time on trying and testing different non-performing presentations. Media distribution XD Media’s exclusive media distribution network, XD MediaOutreach™ brings high quality hot leads which convert on a very consistent basis, helping businesses to expand their online visibility. Event management For those clients who are seeking event support, XD Media can take care of their campaigns from start to finish and handle every aspect of their event, from logistics to PR, meaning they can save time and stress, and keep their focus on their quality of presentation. Social media management Social media platforms are for more than just giving updates; it’s a shortcut to new market opportunities and increasing online reach and visibility. XD Media’s strategy focuses on bringing prospective leads that will eventually convert to customers. Online advertising (PPC) campaigns Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the fastest way to generate leads and sales as a business. It allows targeting of ready-to-buy customers who are searching for a product or service. XD Media supports with investing in Google ads and other PPC platforms to make sure businesses are gaining those sales. Website development XD Media’s high-performing websites are crafted by some of the world’s best direct-response and online marketers, not “web designers” who just aim to make things look pretty. XD Media’s expert web development team has a relentless focus on the data and user experience. Search engine optimisation (SEO) XD Media doesn’t rely on any one particular tactic to rank a client’s business at the top of Google (like most SEO agencies). Instead, its strategy is to employ a wide variety of tactics that ensure a defensible stronghold on rankings and results. Copywriting The company boasts a network of veteran copywriters from all over the world who write profit-generating content for client businesses, guaranteeing more leads, sales, subscribers, and/or fans. Photography and videography XD Media’s photography and videography experts know exactly how to go about capturing imagery and footage that stands out. They produce extraordinary visual content that grips customers and earns an emotional response, ultimately leading to sales. Crisis management For businesses who are experiencing a crisis, whether there has been a negative impact on their reputation or a decrease in sales, XD Media has the solution to pull them up, help them recover, and get them back on the road to success. Growth hacking XD Media can help client businesses to expand into new consumer markets with its exclusive lead generation systems and gain the traction that turns their campaigns into profitgenerating machines. Start-up and SME advisory Start-ups and SMEs can learn from already successful frameworks that XD media has deployed on 200+ businesses just like them with light-speed and guaranteed results. Venture capital XD Media has highly experienced partners to provide clients with strategic advisory on their startup investment fundraising. It will assist the client in growing their business and funding with efficiency and minimal effort. So, why not let XD Media tell your brand story? Company: XD Media Website: www.xd-media.com Best Modern Digital Business Design Company 2022 Jan22641