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A 50-year-old apparel manufacturer needed to make big changes. Embodee’s Orchids web platform helped, allowing them to streamline operations, kickstart collaboration, and bring products to market faster.

In a new case study, fashion technology developer Embodee explores how Hanin Garment revolutionized its operations with the help of the company’s web platform.

The case study follows Hanin, a Hong Kong-based apparel producer, as the company transitions from a traditional, mass-production manufacturer to an on-demand service provider. Driven to reassess their business after a large client goes bankrupt, Hanin took the opportunity to reinvent themselves. In the process, they created a nimbler, more sustainable model for bringing products to market.

When the company decided to begin producing on-demand, rather than moving production abroad, they found they needed to streamline their decision-making process. Embodee’s Orchids played a key role in allowing Hanin to do so.

The online platform gave Hanin the power to present 3D models of products to all stakeholders, enhancing collaboration and reducing the need for both physical samples and the time needed to produce and deliver them. Further, it removed many of the barriers that working across various time zones created. Decision makers could review designs and visualize different color options on their own, and spend less time routing every item through a remote 3D designer.

As Paul Chan, Hanin’s Chief Amazement Officer, puts it, “Embodee has been instrumental in helping us overhaul our processes and moving Hanin to a whole new business model.” That new model encompasses reductions of 80% in product development time, 75% in product samples, and 90% in the number of workers on each production line.

These reductions have also played a pivotal role in the company’s sustainability efforts. By shifting production from pre-sale to post-sale, Hanin can more accurately match supply with demand, creating less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.
Hanin’s execution of this new business model has served as an example of the role Embodee can play in digital transformation. Said Chan, “Embodee’s web platform is a hub for buyers, a development center, and a place for designers—all in one.”