Freezing a central bank’s currency reserves is not new, but Russia is the first globally integrated economy to suffer this
Stolen Assets
Asset protection has been practiced over the years. The methods involved are advancing in better ways minimizing the risk of
Expense reports and folders, with a calculator, pen, and glasses nearby
The problems of expense fraud are real and threatening, thus, companies need to remove financial leaks from their system. The
Binary code on a blue background with a legal scale symbol
China’s National People’s Congress officially passed a law designed to protect private online user data. Here we will take a
In 2009, at the age of 28, Sagar Chandra established his own firm as a first-generation lawyer. Bringing Ishani Chandra
Firm growth
After over a century of growth and evolution, Griffith Hack has established itself as one of Australia’s largest specialist Intellectual
gps legal
GPS Accounting and GPS Legal, part of the GPS Professional Services Group, have each been accepted as the exclusive Thailand
aus policing
In Australia, the indigenous members of society predominantly face police violence. The Copwatch app was therefore launched with the sole
A Guide on Safely and Legally travelling with Children in a Car with Child Restraints
As a parent it can be difficult and overwhelming to know where to start when there are so many kinds
Privacy and data protection consultancy firm priviness, which positions itself as 'human rights champions', is calling for companies to be
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