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Articles 25th March 2024

Best Clinical Supply Chain Solutions Provider 2024 – Singapore

In recent times, the need for a robust Clinical Supply Plan Strategy for clinical trials & clinical development programs has grown substantially. With a multitude of supply chain challenges, manufacturing delays, and product shortages, there’s never been a higher requirement for medical ancillary supplies & equipment & related services to reach clinical trial sites on time to maintain strict study timelines. We look at how, despite the challenges faced, Singapore-headquartered Intrinseque Health continues to provide best-in-class, global clinical supply chain services to its clients with efficiency and tact.

As an EN ISO 13485 certified global clinical trial support services provider, Intrinseque Health has become an expert in the art of delivering its incredible services to Drug Development organizations, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies throughout the industry. With a global reach, ability to source locally through its wide-spread & well-established network of manufacturers and strategic partners, Intrinseque Health has already proven itself as the go-to clinical supply chain solutions provider for any challenges that conducting clinical trials may pose to its customers.  

Intrinseque Health recognizes the dynamics & challenges that each region, country, and market may present. These unique challenges can arise from several dynamics, such as ; regulatory requirements, logistics, product availability and related services. Intrinseque Health dedicates itself to overcoming these regulatory challenges and obstacles, all while ensuring that the required clinical supplies, equipment, and services are available whenever they are required at clinical trial sites, while doing so in a way that complies with critical regulatory guidelines to reduce or maintain study timelines.  

Not only is Intrinseque Health efficient, thanks to its operational methodology, it has been able to adapt and curate its services to be as efficient, effective & cost-saving as possible. Intrinseque Health has also expanded its operational scope to include IMP Management & Non-IMP Medicinal & Ancillary Supplies, Labelling and Kitting, Decentralized trials supply and Patient-care services. Intrinseque Health believes that the key to the success of a clinical supply plan is ‘Early Engagement’ and the strategies adopted to develop it. Intrinseque Health’s well-established global sourcing & distribution network enables it to provide clinical supply chain services locally, eliminating possibilities of delays while maintaining critical study timelines.

Intrinseque Health provides pressure-tested Clinical Supply Chain Strategies for each clinical trial through implementing customized strategies and solutions, while ensuring cost-effectiveness, and strives to ensure that all study supply requirements are fulfilled swiftly and carefully. This is achieved through the team’s 300 years of combined experience in supporting global clinical trials across a wide array of therapeutic areas. It values its customers above all else and aims to provide the best services possible to its customers. Intrinseque Health engages with its customers on a profound level, and strives to truly understand them and their requirements, before tailoring supply plans specifically to their needs. Customer relationships serve as a backbone for Intrinseque Health’s services & operational methodology, and it understands that strong customer relationships play a crucial role in successful execution of planned clinical supply strategies.  

In addition to offering best-in-class clinical supply chain solutions in the industry, Intrinseque Health continuously works towards a goal that it is already well on the way to accomplishing. With ambitions to become the leading global provider of clinical trial support services, Intrinseque Health assesses each step to reduce risks, navigate regulatory challenges, and present itself as the go-to clinical supply chain solutions provider that can truly be trusted and relied upon by its customers, while continuously adapting itself to the ever-changing landscape in the clinical trial sphere, so that it can provide the best service in the craft.  

With a long list of clients endorsing Intrinseque Health’s impressive service and capabilities, it becomes abundantly clear how Intrinseque Health has managed to consistently find itself earning award titles throughout the years. With industry service provisions & customer-centric service that are unparalleled, and an undeniable dedication to its customers and their projects, Intrinseque Health truly is the clinical development supply chain solutions provider to rely on. No matter the request or timeframe, Intrinseque Health will devote itself wholeheartedly through its stringent Quality Management Systems and its robust and extensive operational methodology to ensuring that it plays its part diligently in ensuring the projects that it undertakes are an overwhelming success.

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