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Latest stories across the Asia Pacific region.
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Aubrey Capital Management recently increased its exposure to Indonesia, and the region now accounts for 10% of the Aubrey Global Emerging Markets fund. A key reason for Aubrey’s positive view of this market includes a major derating of the firm’s favoured businesses coupled with a macro tailwind. The economy has
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The Chinese economy has returned to a state of growth since Covid-19 restrictions lifted in 2021. This continued until Q2 2022 when lockdown and a slowdown of 0.4% y/y (-2.6% q/q) hit. Despite this, manufacturing and services rose in June for the first time since February with the manufacturing PMI
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Liberalizing its economic policies and laws, the Philippines continues to transform itself as an attractive investment destination by allowing foreign investors who are considering doing business in the country to set up and fully own domestic enterprises through the recently-amended Foreign Investment Act or the FIA.
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The World Bank (WB) said it is hopeful that the Philippines can take advantage of the new dawn for global value chain (GVC) industry clusters by repositioning itself and enhancing its participation in the global context of reconfiguration.
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Running a business can be a very stressful enterprise. Beyond trying to provide the best possible product or service, you have a plethora of aspects to worry about; your expenses are one. Here’s our guide on business electricity prices and how to handle them.
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Cars are expensive. Hence, buying one requires a lot of research and planning. While cash purchase is simpler and cheaper than loaning as no interest is accrued, such bulk payments can often lead to financial risks. Therefore, a majority of people choose car loans to finance their cars. But you
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Nowadays, Customers anticipate receiving the same quality of care through online mode as they would in a conventional brick-and-mortar retail location. A reliable payment gateway must be integrated into your service to offer a quick and secure checkout process on your e-commerce website.
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If you’re an investor, you will almost certainly be exposed to a degree of risk when buying and selling stocks, shares, forex, or any other security. Reducing this risk is paramount to making sure your investments turn a profit, and one of the best ways to do so is via
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In life, we sometimes encounter sticky situations–ones that need an extra boost in the form of dollars and cents. In this article, we’ll share what to look out for when borrowing from a licensed money lender in Singapore.
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Green Finance Development 1024x576
On July 15, the 2022 China UK Green Finance Development Forum, jointly hosted by the International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) of the Central University of Finance and Economics and the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), was successfully held online.
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Wealth And Fund Management 1024x576
China Construction Bank (Chongqing and Singapore branches) and ADDX have entered a partnership to help domestic investors in China participate in the country’s official offshore investment scheme.
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Financial Services 1024x576
Hiring has reached peak levels for financial services across the globe – where across the eight major hubs the number of job roles advertised has increased by +64%, making the sector one of the fastest hiring industries post-pandemic (after technology).
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