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Approaching the process of recruitment can always bring its own form of complexity. Matching the candidate to the correct level within their field of expertise may pose a challenge, and it takes a skilled recruitment agency to be able to recognise the true potential of each individual. This is an art that Matthew Hackett, CEO of We Recruit. Group (WRG) has mastered throughout his years of leadership experience, and we look into how his methods have helped to make monumental changes within the recruitment industry.


After gathering a plethora of experience throughout his varied career journey, Matthew Hackett went on to establish WRG in 2019 with one core goal – to provide a recruitment service that was wholly focused on making a difference to people’s lives for the better. It’s thanks to Matthew’s intrinsic understanding of the recruitment industry that he’s been able to develop his own business practises in ways that avoid the shortcomings of the field, and he employs strategic thinking, financial management, incisive decision making, and adaptability to forge the solid foundations of WRG.


As a result of his ability to compile strategies that really work, Matthew has established a resolute passion for filling the gaps within the systems that are otherwise faulty throughout the industry. He’s identified that partnership is the true key to success in recruitment, and has since cultivated a partner model that’s unique only to WRG. It operates in the form of a platform that acts as a shared service model for leading recruiters, and handles all of the tasks that aren’t accomplished by busy recruiters due to poor perceptions within the industry.


WRG strives to make a difference, and this was emphasised frequently throughout our interview with Matthew. He exemplifies the true meaning of recruitment – to change the lives of people for the better. Be it someone looking for their perfect career, or a business wanting to hire their next outstanding member of staff, Matthew fashioned WRG to provide for every manner of client. He seeks to maximise the power of connection, and he achieves this by bringing together the top talent and opportunities through various networks, each imbued with communication and first-class service.

Of course, having a structurally sound team is paramount when running a recruitment agency as ambitious as WRG. To foster the most optimal internal culture within his agency, Matthew has made a rigorous effort to promote honesty, integrity, industry expertise, and talent management, and ensures the people he brings into the business embody the mission that WRG sets out to accomplish. He places an immense focus on feedback, mostly in terms of communication, and recognises that a flourishing team is what breathes true life into the inner workings of an agency.


To Matthew, the people are the ones driving the industry forward. Whether it’s colleagues or clients, these are the people that allow recruitment agencies like WRG to thrive and do what they do best. As a result, Matthew consistently adheres to the mindset that recruitment is a noble profession, focused on uniting people with the lives that they want the most. He is committed to giving his all to the people that matter, and it’s this passion for helping others that truly sets Matthew as an astounding force of nature within the recruitment industry.


WRG is an inspired recruitment agency that’s tirelessly applying new methods and approaches towards an industry that is consistently adapting and changing. It’s a sphere that suffers from cut corners and generalisation, but Matthew is at the forefront of ensuring that WRG never falls into these same detrimental patterns. Its partner model allows it to shine among the rest, and none of it would be possible without Matthew’s undying dedication towards improving the recruitment to the best of his ability.


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Matthew Hackett
Matthew Hackett