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APAC INSIDER ISSUE 12th October 2023

Q4 2023

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Welcome to the Q4 edition of APAC Insider magazine, your quarterly source for all the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region.

The final quarter of the year is upon us, and with it, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect on the prosperous year it has been for the APAC region. There has been a lot happening, from the APAC Summit which was held in Singapore, to the joint hosting of the FIFA Women’s World Cup by Australia and New Zealand, to Indonesia taking over the ASEAN chairmanship from Cambodia, to Dubai hosting the COP28 United Nations Climate Conference.

It has been busy and exciting indeed, and as we zoom in to take a look at what the region’s businesses have been doing, we discover that they have been accomplishing a lot too! As always, we’re delighted to be showcasing our outstanding award-winning firms and the specialist work they continue to do within their respective industries, whether immigration advisory, migration law, fraud and asset recovery law, and even farming.

We hope you enjoy our final issue of the year and its insight into the corporate landscape of the region. As ever, we wish you all the best as 2023 draws to a close and look forward to welcoming you back again in 2024.