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Latest stories across the Asia Pacific region.
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Beauty Affairs 1024x576
‘Luxury delivers always,’ is the motto that influences every element of Beauty Affairs’ business – from the products it provides, to the way the website operates, the company exudes luxury.
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Business Growth 1024x576
Headquartered in Adelaide, Magnetic Alliance provide business growth and improvement services to entrepreneurs who wish to overcome the challenges and risks commonly experienced by growing companies. Following the firm’s success in the APAC Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touch with Mark Lim to find out more about one of
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Athlete 1024x576
A new study, using some of the best elite climbers in Britain, has found that New Zealand blackcurrant extract, CurraNZ can significantly improve tissue re-oxygenation in muscle. The finding reveals one mechanism responsible for the berry’s effect on performance and recovery in athletes.
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Spoon Guru 1024x576
A multi-million dollar investment to further support changing health needs of grocery shoppers globally.
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Cosmose 1024x576
Cosmose AI, the platform that predicts and influences how 1 billion people shop offline, has announced a strategic partnership with ADA, a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions.
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European Piano Academy 1024x576
The beauty of music can be best expressed through its variety, with instruments and styles hailing from all corners of the globe. However, one of the most sophisticated and elegant forms of music comes from the piano, gentle and soothing, or vibrant and explosive. Offering professional piano lesson to students
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Rainbow Station 1024x576
Providing education and care to children is one of the most challenging things possible. Instead of being a job, it is a vocation. The team at Rainbow Station Early Education Centre excel at their work, giving children strong foundations from which to work. It is why they have been recognised
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Brand Value 1920 X 1080 1024x576
China’s leading energy and chemical company, was named the number one brand in China’s energy and chemical industry
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Martial Arts 1920 X 1080 1024x576
Mastery over the mind and body can takes years of dedicated training and focus. The many ancient and noble forms of martial arts have been passed down for generations and are still strong in the world today. In Sydney, Australia, one man has remained wholly committed to the practice of
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