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Most Innovative Luxury RV Manufacturer 2024 – Victoria

people sat outside rv drinking
people sat outside rv drinking

Quality Build, Unique Design, Australian-Made

Borne from a passion for exploring the great Australian wilderness in a way that is luxurious, safe, and innovative, My Dream RV exists to transform caravan travelling as we know it. Founded by global business market leader, with experience in 12 countries across the world, Mathew John, My Dream RV is a handpicked team of caravan manufacturing specialists who know exactly what it takes to ensure the utmost comfort, safety, and style whilst discovering the wonders of the Australian outdoors. Living up to the company name, the team really do create the RVs of their clients’ dreams – and it shows through a glowing five-star rating on Google. We take a closer look at what makes this company and its caravans so highly renowned.

Boosting the Australian caravan industry and its undisputed capital, Melbourne North, suburb of Epping, Broadmeadows, and Somerton, the highly skilled, qualified, and passionate team at My Dream RV craft every caravan to the highest possible standard, with award-winning features including the innovative shape of each vehicle, their custom offering, exemplary craftmanship and quality, and being the only company to build fully electric caravans.

Each dream caravan is made a reality through months of meticulous planning of every single detail, from the unique aesthetic to meeting environmental requirements, all to ensure the entire experience is beyond compare for their valued clientele. The team hail from 14 different countries across the globe and have industry experience as niche as mining of precious metals, with this bringing the best in business practices and diverse insights to the table.

My Dream RV came about when Mathew John saw an urgent need to address the difficulties plaguing caravan owners, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) survey revealing that 80% of caravan owners have experienced a malfunction with their caravan that they could not fix, with many finding their issue was completely ignored by the company they purchased it from. Also amongst reports were misleading sales and claims regarding consumer guarantee rights and warranties. As such, My Dream RV has employed a holistic strategy that addresses these main pain points.

“The wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”

Mathew knows just how much a caravan means to its owner, as they have made a large financial investment and anticipated the ownership of their vehicle greatly. And when something goes wrong during a trip, it is all the more stressful, disappointing, and frustrating when they can’t get the help they need. Thus, Mathew understood that it was time for a vital change, promising to go above and beyond to conquer these challenges.

Within the expert team is General Manager, Don Rafiq, a distinguished engineer with 50 years’ experience in Australian caravan manufacturing. With his contributions, My Dream RV has been able to introduce an efficient, rigorous, and precise product manufacturing process, which extends from the order being made, to assembling the caravan, to the delivery of the product to the client, and it includes any required follow-ups or repairs, too. Such in-depth development means that clients are guaranteed to receive their order within the agreed timeframe, and it also makes certain that they will be able to access support whenever needed, even during the most unexpected instances when it is needed most. By extension, Mathew and Don’s combined experience truly makes them a force to be reckoned with.

To become as successful as it is today, My Dream RV has invested substantially in research and development, both locally and internationally, to ensure it remains ahead of the curve. It is a company that truly believes in the power of innovation, being dedicated to implementing state-of-the-art technology in its processes, while also working with designers around the world to feature the latest in design and components. Such collaboration with international designers means its caravans benefit from global influence while preserving that authentic Australian spirit.

Therefore, the company is delighted to be working with Dusseldorf International to establish a facility beside its manufacturing site. This tactical partnership contributes towards the My Dream RV manufacturing process to allow enhanced quality and supply control should warranty claims occur. This also means it can use its own manufactured parts in the caravans it builds.

It also works with safety-oriented companies to create pioneering Australian technology with the aim of reducing road accidents that involve the towing of caravans. Such a robust focus on safety reflects the company’s commitment to its clients’ peace of mind when they’re out on the open road. With access to groundbreaking technologies and the ongoing forming of world-class partnerships, My Dream RV is on a mission to truly exceed its clients’ expectations, taking their complaints seriously, resolving them, and revolutionising each and every caravan journey.

The collaborations don’t end there, though, for the company also works with dealers dotted right across the country to make its caravans, parts, and accessories available in every state. It plans to expand this network further to enhance accessibility and customer service, reaching more prospective buyers and offering them more options.

“Over the moon with how our 19’6” Dream Catcher turned out. Everything works a treat, and the quality of the build is second to none.  Highly recommended to any first-time caravan owners like us.”

Not only is My Dream RV dedicated to delivering strong functionality and reliability in its caravans, but luxury and style, too, with the team believing that comfort and stylishness should be a top priority in order to enhance the travel experience. From the moment an individual steps inside a My Dream RV caravan, they are welcomed by an elegance and sense of contentment created by thoughtful interiors, high-end amenities, the finest materials, and tasteful finishes, from plush seating area to fitted-out kitchen, to lavish sleeping space with storage space underneath, to electrics throughout. For My Dream RV doesn’t just create caravans, it crafts “dreams on wheels” that represent the Australian way of life – and they come in three product ranges: Dream Catcher, Dream Delight, and Dream Custom.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the first of My Dream RV’s caravan ranges to be rolled off the factory floor. With six caravans to choose from, they start at 17’6” on a single axle and go up to 23’ as family size, making the model suitable for everyone. Designed to be fully off-road, these caravans have everything that you would expect from an off-road van, plus so much more that truly makes them stand out within the Australian market. Explore the range. LINK:

Dream Delight

After the acclaim of the Dream Catcher line, My Dream RV launched its Dream Delight collection, redefining caravan luxury and showcasing unparalleled craftmanship and innovation. With two premier models available including the opulent 18.’6” and spacious 20’3”, these caravans are thoughtfully designed and exude sophistication, being crafted for those who seek to make each getaway unforgettable, stylish, and indulgent. Explore the range. [LINK:]

Dream Custom

The Dream Custom range features four tailor-made off-road caravans, designed to align with each client’s individual specification, aspirations, and dreams. Meticulously customised, each Dream Custom caravan is the perfect fit to their unique adventurer, making them matchless within the Australian industry. These caravans are more than just a vehicle, they epitomise the team’s devotion towards enhancing comfort and exploration, with each model paying the ultimate tribute to adventuring in Australia. Explore the range. [LINK:]

Dream X

Sporting a different shape, the Dream X model has a rounded top with a flatter base, making it a unique addition to My Dream RV’s collection. As Dream X is due to be ready for the market in the coming weeks. With this addition, and with My Dream RV working on other electrical systems to complement the evolution of its caravan’s looks, alongside the pending use of aluminium frames with composite roofs, we invite you to watch this space!

“After deciding to upgrade from a hybrid to a full caravan, we searched high and low. We came across the 17’6 Dream Catcher from Mr Dream RV.  It met all of our criteria for a couple’s van with fit out, attention to detail, and build quality. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. Any contact with the factory has been very friendly and positive. Our trips away have proved we made the right decision.”

While My Dream RV’s offering is a luxurious one, Mathew is sure to emphasise that this leisureliness and extravagance isn’t only restricted to the select few. He believes that luxury should be within everyone’s reach, thus making it more accessible for a wider audience through reasonable prices that are made possible by a refined manufacturing process and supply chains. However, this affordability isn’t to say that it loses out on quality – as we have gathered by now, quite the opposite of this with its fine craftmanship, materials, and features.

Ultimately, it is easy to see how My Dream RV has come to be one of the fastest-growing caravan manufacturing companies in the industry, between the rapid expansion of its workforce – from 13 employees in 2022 to 45 employees in 2023 – and its unyielding pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction through transparency and bending over backwards to fulfil their needs. Mathew is evidently highly dedicated to the company’s vision and the future of the industry as he continues to lead his team to greatness, tirelessly pushing the boundaries of innovation and transforming the caravan industry.

There’s no denying the way the company cares, too, for its people, its clients, and its community. In the local community, it has contributed to major changes in the landscape of outdoor sports. My Dream RV supports its local sports in soccer, sponsoring Melbourne Victory, Bundoora United, Heidelberg United, Pascoe Vale Football Club, Sas Futbol Club, Eltham Redbacks, and Green Gully. It has recently proudly supported as international coaches, visited from top soccer clubs around the world to shape young players to play at an international level, and signed up as major sponsors for two years with Melbourne’s GTR events.

Additionally, My Dream RV Cinema is a notable venture fully supported by the entire team. Mathew tirelessly channels his passion for football by working with filmmaker Vihan Suryavanshi to produce outstanding cinematic experiences. The pair’s creation, “The Ultimate Dream”, is an Australian football club documentary which comments on the pure passion within the sport – and this cinematic platform is set to offer so much more than a visual banquet.

Always evolving, with its philosophy of expansion and development of new technologies in order to be a market leader in the sphere, My Dream RV prioritises being nimble enough to adapt to the ever-changing market and the strategies it requires. Mathew and Don truly make the sky the limit as they think on a global scale while still acting locally.

Now, with their eyes set on the blindingly bright future ahead, Mathew, Don, and the team look to continue innovating new models and growing their dealer network, but the company is also excited to be launching its My Dream Village, a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. 100 acres of land nestled within the breath-taking mountains and surrounded by rivers and lagoons, visitors will be invited go walking, biking, as well as visit the onsite brewery, winery, and take part in a variety of recreational activities. Additionally, My Dream RV owners will have exclusive access and special discounts, nurturing a strong sense of community and experiences at a VIP level.

“My Dream RV have built us the most stunning caravan we have had. This is our fourth van, and the quality of the vans are above and beyond our expectations. They were happy to custom build to our requirements. Thank you to the team at My Dream RV.”

Having become a household name in such a short space of time, My Dream RV will continue to elevate people’s experience with Australian-made caravans. We wish the company all the best for the future to come.

For business enquiries, contact Mathew John, Managing Director from My Dream RV via email – [email protected] or on their website –