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Issue Q3 2023 Most Influential Sustainable Business CEO 2023 (South East Asia): Victor Tay Global Catalyst Advisory (Global Catalyst) was first conceived as a boutique strategic advisory firm with a unique blend of strategic advisory, investment banking, thought leadership and academic rigor. It believes in a scientific and evident-based approach in analysing client’s challenges, while proposing innovative but sustainable solutions. Featuring:

Welcome to the Q3 edition of APAC Insider Magazine, your quarterly source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region. Much of the APAC region has been experiencing recordbreaking heatwaves this quarter, with temperatures rising to around 40°C in countries such as Bangladesh, China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. But, even with the scorching weather, our award-winning businesses have been soldiering on and thriving in their respective industries. One of the companies showing resilience and dedication despite the heat is Singapore-based Global Catalyst Advisory, whose leader, Victor Tay, has been recognised as Most Influential Sustainable Business CEO 2023 (South East Asia). We’re pleased to feature Victor on our front cover, and we get to know him and his hard work as the CEO of Global Catalyst, a company which offers a range of innovative solutions in strategic advisory, capabilities development, and investment for economic, social, and enterprise progress. We’re also delighted to be showcasing more of our awardwinning enterprises who are flourishing in industries such as recruitment, risk management, PR and media, gas, recruitment, migration, and dentistry. I hope you enjoy exploring some of the best that the APAC region has to offer and that their stories bring you inspiration. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you back for our Q4 issue in a few months’ time, and wish you a wonderful quarter ahead. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: www.apac-insider.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. Global Catalyst Advisory: Most Influential Sustainable Business CEO 2023 (South East Asia): Victor Tay 10. Yarra Valley Gas: Best Industrial Gas & Equipment Company - Victoria 11. We Recruit. Group: Best Global Recruitment CEO 2023: Matthew Hackett 12. Healy Daloia Migration Services: Comprehensive Support with Your Australian Migration Journey 13. Parkmore Family Dental: Best Family Dentistry Practice - VIC 14. ANCOR: Thailand’s Leading Recruitment and Staffing Enterprise 15. Global Consulting Company: Most Comprehensive Corporate Strategy & Risk Management Consultancy CEO 2023 (Sri Lanka): Aroshi Nanayakkara 16. PRO TACTICAL GLOBAL PTE. LTD.: Leading PR, Media & Investors Network CEO 2023 (China): Grace Hsu 18. Dawn Tech Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Surface Treatment Technology Provider 2023 - Singapore Contents

A group of practising economists has come together to establish the Economists Institute to foster opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and impactful research in the field. A group of practising economists has come together to establish the Economists Institute to foster opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and impactful research in the field. In this era of hybrid work, this member-driven Institute recognises the paramount importance of connecting, building relationships and exchanging knowledge in a rapidly evolving field. The Institute aims to bridge the gap between academia, industry, and policy-making bodies by providing a platform for economists to engage and share insights. “The Economists Institute is committed to empowering economists across Australia by facilitating meaningful connections and fostering an environment of continuous learning,” said Dave Platter, the Director of Member Outreach and Communications. “The Economists Institute’s goal is to ensure that economists can equip themselves with the necessary tools and resources to thrive in this new era of hybrid work.” One of the key objectives of the Economists Institute is to create opportunities for senior economists to offer mentorship and guidance to younger professionals. The Institute will enable experienced economists Economists in Australia Form New MemberDriven Economists Institute, Providing Opportunities for Research, Knowledge Exchange and Career Development to share their knowledge, wisdom, and industry insights by facilitating networking events, workshops, and mentoring programs. This collaboration between seasoned experts and emerging talent will nurture future leaders in the field and promote a culture of learning and growth. Platter further emphasised, “Mentorship plays a pivotal role in the development of economists. Through the Economists Institute, we aim to cultivate an environment where senior professionals can engage with and inspire the next generation, enabling them to confidently navigate the complexities of their careers.” The Economists Institute is also committed to driving member-led research initiatives. We want to encourage economists to contribute to economics and policy discussions and give them a voice in the decision-making at the highest levels of business, media and policy. “The Economists Institute aims to provide a platform for our members to contribute to the economic narrative in Australia and to drive positive change,” added Platter. The Economists Institute invites economists across Australia to become members. The Economists Institute will be a vehicle for economists to advance their careers at the same time as they help advance the field of economics in Australia.

Towards the most citizen-driven city office in Japan transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Susono city, Shizuoka prefecture (Mayer: Harukaze Murata) to accelerate Susono city’s digital transformation (DX) on July 6, 2023. Under the collaboration agreement, Susono city and transcosmos aim to make the Susono government the most citizen-driven city office in Japan. To achieve this goal, Susono city and transcosmos will closely work together and transform the city’s administrative operations to offer the best government services for all, and make Susono city a city of choice for both people and companies. More specifically, the two parties will collaborate on the matters related to 1) boosting citizen satisfaction through collecting and analyzing information using digital technology, 2) enhancing citizen services with the power of digital, 3) accelerating DX in the local government with digital tools, 4) transforming administrative operations and boosting transcosmos signs a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Susono city, Shizuoka prefecture to accelerate DX in the local government staff productivity, 5) collecting information about the national digital policies and initiatives, and 6) other necessary matters to achieve Article 1 of the agreement. This marks the second collaboration agreement transcosmos has signed with local governments in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture. Given that the working-age population continues to shrink leading up to 2030, all local governments are expected to face a hard time in securing civil servants, and the region is no exception. As its DX partner, transcosmos will help Susono city manage the government effectively by using digital technologies, and sustain public services. Through a wide-ranging collaboration with Susono city, transcosmos will accelerate digitization of the local government towards a vision for a Digital Garden City Nation - a vision led by the national government - and help the Susono city government achieve overall optimization which in turn will bring greater convenience to citizens and higher operational efficiency to civil servants. Ultimately, transcosmos aims to enhance Susono citizens’ well-being and QQL (Quality of Life) by enabling the local government to offer greater public services, thereby increasing sustainability of the region.

Jan22686 Most Influential Sustainable Business CEO 2023 (South East Asia): Victor Tay Boutique Strategic Advisory Firm Global Catalyst Advisory (Global Catalyst) was first conceived as a boutique strategic advisory firm with a unique blend of strategic advisory, investment banking, thought leadership, and academic rigor. It believes in a scientific and evident-based approach in analysing clients’ challenges, while proposing innovative but sustainable solutions. Global Catalyst Advisory has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Tianjin, serving clients across the Asia Pacific region. Global Catalyst Advisory serves numerous public, private sector, and non-governmental organization clientele. Some of these clients include: public sector policy makers such as Thailand Ministry of Industry, Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, Singapore Civil Service College, and Temasek Foundation; as well as private enterprises like telco operators, China Telecoms and Maxis; French conglomerate, Lafarge; and Malaysian real estate developer, Setia; Singapore’s top three F&B operator 1 group; and non-governmental organizations like OECD, Franchising and Licensing Association, and Association of Small Medium Enterprises. The spectrum of solutions provided by Global Catalyst includes strategic advisory, startup accelerator, business model reconfiguration, sustainability audit and reporting, sustainability technologies incorporation, revenue leakage identification, capital raising, impact investment, and carbon trading. Within the sustainability arena, Global Catalyst also helps to baseline sustainability practice; design sustainability projects; and provide monitoring, reporting and validation; as well as monetizing the carbon credits at carbon exchanges. Sustainability Project – Transforming Agricultural Practice One of its many sustainability projects helps to resolve the plight of small-hold farmers in Southeast Asia who are squeezed by the middle-man in profit, bullied by their landlord, and sinking into the poverty cycle. These farmers constitute 17% of the global workforce. With the initiative, Global Catalyst transforms traditional farms towards a closed-loop and zero-carbon footprint multi-ponics technologies (Figure 1). The project revolutionizes agricultural practices with containerised aquatic farming which irrigates the vegetables plot with its discharged water, while concurrently it fertilizes the soil with the poultry farm waste from farmed chickens, which is organic. All resources and waste within the farm are recycled without polluting the environment. The multi-ponics system leverages on racks and containers which facilitates modern farming at urban areas at rooftop and concrete ground. Each containerised aquatic tank is able to grow some three hundred 1.5kg fishes like groupers or cod fish. This provides a revenue model of poultry eggs on daily basis, vegetables harvesting in 21 days, and fish of around three months maturing at 1-1.5kg. May23633 “We first innovated this system leveraging on design thinking and systems tools when a Philippines mayor spoke to us on wasted farmland in its township, which requires huge capital to irrigate and establish power grid to resurrect the vast abandoned land,” Victor Tay, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Catalyst Advisory elucidates. “The mayor highlighted that the farmers become nomadic and abandon the land when the land loses its fertility or after long drought. Subsequently, the town dwindles in population with the big migration of the farmers. Because of the nomadic nature, the farmers and families are stuck in a vicious poverty loop.” The vertical farm comprises of racks for vegetables, and containerised aquatic farms pre-empting the issue of infertile land, since vegetation is grown from elevated racks disregarding the land. In fact, the worse the environment, the better the system is in reducing the carbon footprint and resolving issues of the nature. Given the multi-ponics systems and rejuvenated business model, as well as the ability to alleviate poverty, Global Catalyst proposes its project to University of Oxford under code name, “Plenitude”. Plenitude is the name of the Celtic God for abundance and wealth. The University of Oxford in turn proposes a farming platform to disintermediate middle-men and distributors to sell direct to the restaurants and F&B operators. In Southeast Asia, distributors were well known to take advantage of small farmers grossing huge margins while at times leaving farmers to sell at a loss. The improved system fulfilled some nine Figure 1: Close-loop and zero carbon footprint multi-ponics farm

sustainability development goals including alleviating poverty, zero hunger, responsible consumption and production, clean water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, decent work and economic growth, and public-private partnerships. This project not only provides sustainable agricultural practice but also helps to disrupt the vicious poverty cycle, as well as ensures continued food supply with zero hunger to the region. Differentiated Advantage of Global Catalyst Advisory The CEO of Global Catalyst Advisory, Victor Tay, was a scholarship recipient at the University of Oxford Executive MBA programme. Victor emphasizes that Global Catalyst Advisory, like Oxford and Oxfam, aims to “resolve the world’s problems”, while offering client solutions on a strategic long-term basis. He explains that the firm only picks projects which will fulfil the triple bottom-line of people, planet, and profit. He states, “We are different from other advisory firms, as we believe the solutions derived should transform an inefficient and unproductive business model. Many businesses are disrupted as they overly emphasize on financial gain that it ceases to provide value. We believe that all successful and sustainable businesses must fulfil the equilibrium of preserving the planet, fulfilling people’s expectations while generating profit as a collective outcome.” Victor elaborates in a philosophical manner, “I have learnt where God uses the most unlikely everyday hero like David, a shepherd, to defeat the monstrosity and towering problems like Goliath. On a daily basis, I reminded myself to search for small prints left by God as solutions to ready challenges. In the United Nations, I have learnt symbiotic natural pairing by housing retired villages together with a childcare center that provides the symbiotic effect of a senior citizen’s love, attention, and care with the yearning children. And, also in Farmlands, I learnt that farm discharge and waste can be treated as closed-loop resources to resolve water, fertilizer issues, and energy issues. It is usually when nature is abused that it results in environmental abuse and resource wastage.” Clients respond with the following feedback: “Victor is able to analyse incisively from a strategic viewpoint, especially the key issues impacting the industries. The levers he recommended as a solution usually create a significant change to transform the industries.” “Victor articulates his view strategically and clearly. Most of the time, able to project the long-term impact which helps and guides people to move in the same direction.” “Victor is not only a strategist but a doer, especially when a task required his expertise.” Macroeconomic Advisory and Nurturing Enterprise-friendly Policies Victor is well plugged into the government and policy making platforms as he is also a member of the Governing Council with China-ASEAN Business Alliance which focuses on trade and business ties between Southeast Asian nations and China. Concurrently, he had chaired numerous policy fora at the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Studies at the National University of Singapore. The National University of Singapore was ranked by Times Education as eighth in the world, while the School of Public Policy Studies is named after the Singapore founding Prime Minister. The issues being debated and discussed range from sandboxes for new industries, future trends and digitalization of industries, and innovation catalyst for small-medium enterprises (SMEs). He was also Executive Fellow at the Advanced Center (ACE) for Executives at the National University of Singapore. Figure 2: Victor Tay addressing MBA students at 600 year old Divinity College at University of Oxford Figure 3: Lecturing doctorate candidates on Digitalization at the Chartered Institute of Digital Economy

Jan22686 May23633 Numerous government ministries have approached Global Catalyst to address policies issues to catalyze SMEs. These policies look towards developing catalysts to stimulate entrepreneurship, availability of equity finances, and operating loans to aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as proper business infrastructure for healthy growth of SMEs. Some look towards nurturing a sustaining entrepreneurship cycle with a national startup incubator and accelerator. Others were into establishing a technology research and development (R&D) laboratory to ensure businesses have differentiating intellectual properties and innovative products to compete globally. As a result, Global Catalyst operates an accelerator to nurture deep technology and sustainability-centric startups. It even invests further into startups, which it believes will be a game-changer to transform the industry. Some of the government Global Catalyst has advised span across ASEAN to the Middle East, which was into developing a low-tax regime and new vibrant industries for foreign direct investments (FDIs). One of the consultants within the company remarks, “The topics range across developing a biomedical industry, establishing a national quality, standards, and accreditation platform, nurturing an innovative ecosystem, erecting sandboxes for fintech companies, to establishing digital market regulations and licenses. There were never dull moments within our consulting projects.” Award-Winning Enterprise As a testimonial of its competence, Global Catalyst Advisory has won numerous awards in Asia in the past including Asia Sustainable Leadership Awards in both the Game Changer and Innovation categories, as well as the Brands for Good Awards. The Game Changer was notably awarded to recognize how he has helped to transform an NGO from being dependent on government grants and recurring fundraising initiatives towards a social enterprise with a sustainable business model of farm-to-plate restaurants generating revenue and giving employment to special needs individuals. Victor being the CEO was also awarded the US-based FinNext Excellence in Financial Leadership award for his lifelong career in providing financial advisory to strengthen SMEs, NGOs UN Global Compact, and charitable organizations. Pioneer and Trend Setter Looking back at Victor’s career history, it is not difficult to unravel his pioneering advocacy in sustainability. It was in 2005 when he established a new industry cluster, environmental and engineering services, at Enterprise Singapore, which is a government statutory board. He had then established numerous programmes to develop the environmental sector, including the Environmental Technologies Capability Development Programme at the Environmental Centre of Innovation. Later at the national chamber, Singapore Business Federation, where he was the acting CEO/ COO, he established the business community of Sustainability Development Business Group, Singapore Sustainability Alliance comprising of triple helix model of the Government, Research Institution, and Business Chambers. And to accelerate more sustainability movements, he established the Singapore Sustainability Awards to encourage more companies to develop environmental technologies, reduce carbon footprint, and to catalyze industry adoption. This culminated to his chairmanship at United Nations Global Compact Network Singapore. Fast forward to 2023, postCOP 26, and many are only beginning to get on the sustainability bandwagon, but Global Catalyst Advisory’s value is epitomized by its tagline, “Sustainability Catalyzed”. As a pioneer, Global Catalyst Advisory has essentially captured the firstmover advantage. Emphasis on People When asked about Victor’s emphasis on people, he comments, “In the medieval period, businesses were first conceived as a societal service so that the people could barter and exchange for goods and services. Naturally, the beneficiaries (people) are more important than the solutions. If we treat our employees well, naturally they will reciprocate to treat our clients as well. This becomes a virtuous cycle.” When his staff were interviewed, some of the feedback they gave on the CEO were: “Victor is staunch on principles and has a lot of integrity. He has great kindness and concern for the welfare of people around him. He is sharp, thinks well, and is strategically able to get the most mileage from any work assigned to him. His inputs always give a more strategic direction to work.” Figure 4: Receiving the Green Asia Leadership (GAIL) Awards for both Innovation and Gamechanger categories Figure 5: Receiving the Brands for Good Awards for Sustainability and Social Impact

On working hard, another person remarks, “Victor pushes his team to achieve results; though the team “complains” about the hard work, but seem to wear it as a badge of honour – they sound motivated, probably seeing that he pushes himself harder than others.” “Victor is generally a good superior to work with. He is able to adjust himself to the different personalities of his various staff and his approach is always to make the most of each person’s strengths rather than focus on weaknesses.” Transforming the Prevalent Capitalist System and Uplifting Vulnerable Groups Victor is not just a business leader but he is an evangelist and advocate, especially on inevitable trends in which he believes. He has volunteered at the NGO specifically to advocate Sustainability Development Goals and uplift the vulnerable groups since 2005. He chaired the United Nations Global Compact Network Singapore and actively promoted and advocated Corporate Social Responsibilities amongst the business community since 2010. Concurrently, given his passion for vulnerable groups, he was also the Chairman of the Association for Persons with Special Needs operating five schools for 1,500 special needs from ages 7-62 years old. Victor explains that he noticed the vulnerable groups were unable to access resources and scale the social ladder. Hence, he had a deep realization that the prevalent capitalist system is inequitable and unsustainable. The current system perpetuates a broad resource allocation gap reflected in the Oxfam Inequality index and Genii Coefficient. The system is inadequate to provide a safety net for the vulnerable groups. Thus, amongst the investments that Global Catalyst Advisory has made, Victor says that traditional assessment tools of measuring financial yield, IRR, NPV, ROI were inadequate. He blended financial and social impacts to ensure that every invested project should be revenue-generating and self-sustaining as a key fundamental. But he noted that it should also meet KPIs of employment creation, remove social costs and poverty, as well as resolve economic externalities where costs are shouldered by government, which in turn were extracted from the citizens’ and corporate taxes. Therefore, it is myopic that businesses are only focusing on financials, cost reduction, and profits. Corporate responsibilities should focus beyond financials but towards societal contributions and impact. When asked about the larger aspiration he has for Global Catalyst Advisory, Victor replies, “The destiny of the firm is enshrined in its name, “Global Catalyst”. It will need to catalyze global transformation, level out societal inequality, and resolve the world’s issues.” Company: Global Catalyst Advisory Contact: Victor Tay Email: victortay@ globalcatalystadvisory.com Website: www.globalcatalystadvisory.com Figure 6: At the Singapore government platform hosted by Enterprise Singapore to address Industry Associations on Policies and Best Practice

May22239 Yarra Valley Gas is a 100% locally owned and operated business located in Eastern Victoria, Australia. It provides customers with LPG, Industrial and Hospitality Gas ranging from small BBQ cylinders all the way through to large commercial installations. As a company who has been servicing Victoria for over 45 years, Yarra Valley Gas delivers the LPG needs of its customers from small scale to commercial sized installations. It also deals with welding gas and hospitality gas wherever needed, with the simple concept always kept in mind that when a customer calls, it can and will deliver. As a local company, Yarra Valley Gas has longstanding connections throughout Eastern Victoria in Australia, where it proudly employs staff members who are local to the community. This means that its employees know both the business, and the people in the area. Yarra Valley Gas is heavily involved in local community events and sporting clubs within the area, and prides itself on excellent levels of customer service and customer focus. Whilst other gas suppliers are moving away from verbal communications towards providing a 100% online or digital service, Yarra Valley Gas remains committed to finding the customer service experience that is right for its individual customers. It recognises the significance of change and digital communication, of course, but not to the detriment of customers or the business. That is why it actively invites its customers to speak directly, person to person, if that’s what they prefer to do. Currently within the gas industry there is a lot of conflicting information regarding gas supply and changing government policies. Many customers have legitimate concerns about the availability of gas in Australia, and the affordability of it in regards to the rising cost of living. Yarra Valley Gas has remained stable, consistent, and flexible with its customers throughout, adapting to their ever-changing needs and requirements with speed and effectiveness. It strongly encourages customers to communicate their concerns, and will then work with them to find a solution that best fits. Yarra Valley Gas has its own fleet of vehicles to bring, as one of Victoria’s largest gas suppliers, LPG directly to the retail and wholesale markets across Victoria. It also has a significant advantage in that it possesses over 45 years of experience and local knowledge to fall back on. The internal culture at Yarra Valley Gas is a direct reflection of the company’s success. The leadership group firmly believes that without its team it simply wouldn’t exist. When looking for new staff, it focuses on people who are well presented, can communicate effectively, can follow the company policies and safety procedures, and lead, as and when necessary. It looks for people who are interested in learning, passionate about working as an integral part of a team and are willing to support it in achieving its goals. As a community focused business, Yarra Valley Gas also specifically looks for people to join its team who are knowledgeable about its areas of focus, who know the roads, and understand the conditions expected across the seasons. Its primary focus as a gas company is on maintaining the very best in terms of teamwork and safety conditions. It realises, and emphasizes, that everyone at Yarra Valley is responsible to and for each other’s safety while at work. As such, it is wonderful to see that the Australian Enterprise Awards have seen fit to announce Yarra Valley Gas as the Best Industrial Gas & Equipment Company in Victoria. This award is a great achievement for this industrious yet accessible company, who always go the extra mile to ensure their customers receive care, consideration, and respect. Company: Yarra Valley Gas Web Address: www.yvgas.com.au Contact Name: Jacqui Burgess Best Industrial Gas & Equipment Company - Victoria Feb23617

Feb22538 Approaching the process of recruitment can always bring its own form of complexity. Matching the candidate to the correct level within their field of expertise may pose a challenge, and it takes a skilled recruitment agency to be able to recognise the true potential of each individual. This is an art that Matthew Hackett, CEO of We Recruit. Group (WRG) has mastered throughout his years of leadership experience, and we look into how his methods have helped to make monumental changes within the recruitment industry. After gathering a plethora of experience throughout his varied career journey, Matthew Hackett went on to establish WRG in 2019 with one core goal – to provide a recruitment service that was wholly focused on making a difference to people’s lives for the better. It’s thanks to Matthew’s intrinsic understanding of the recruitment industry that he’s been able to develop his own business practises in ways that avoid the shortcomings of the field, and he employs strategic thinking, financial management, incisive decision making, and adaptability to forge the solid foundations of WRG. As a result of his ability to compile strategies that really work, Matthew has established a resolute passion for filling the gaps within the systems that are otherwise faulty throughout the industry. He’s identified that partnership is the true key to success in recruitment, and has since cultivated a partner model that’s unique only to WRG. It operates in the form of a platform that acts as a shared service model for leading recruiters, and handles all of the tasks that aren’t accomplished by busy recruiters due to poor perceptions within the industry. WRG strives to make a difference, and this was emphasised frequently throughout our interview with Matthew. He exemplifies the true meaning of recruitment – to change the lives of people for the better. Be it someone looking for their perfect career, or a business wanting to hire their next outstanding member of staff, Matthew fashioned WRG to provide for every manner of client. He seeks to maximise the power of connection, and he achieves this by bringing together the top talent and opportunities through various networks, each imbued with communication and first-class service. Of course, having a structurally sound team is paramount when running a recruitment agency as ambitious as WRG. To foster the most optimal internal culture within his agency, Matthew has made a rigorous effort to promote honesty, integrity, industry expertise, and talent management, and ensures the people he brings into the business embody the mission that WRG sets out to accomplish. He places an immense focus on feedback, mostly in terms of communication, and recognises that a flourishing team is what breathes true life into the inner workings of an agency. To Matthew, the people are the ones driving the industry forward. Whether it’s colleagues or clients, these are the people that allow recruitment agencies like WRG to thrive and do what they do best. As a result, Matthew consistently adheres to the mindset that recruitment is a noble profession, focused on uniting people with the lives that they want the most. He is committed to giving his all to the people that matter, and it’s this passion for helping others that truly sets Matthew as an astounding force of nature within the recruitment industry. WRG is an inspired recruitment agency that’s tirelessly applying new methods and approaches towards an industry that is consistently adapting and changing. It’s a sphere that suffers from cut corners and generalisation, but Matthew is at the forefront of ensuring that WRG never falls into these same detrimental patterns. Its partner model allows it to shine among the rest, and none of it would be possible without Matthew’s undying dedication towards improving the recruitment to the best of his ability. Contact: Matthew Hackett Company: We Recruit. Group Web: www.werecruitgroup.com.au Best Global Recruitment CEO 2023: Matthew Hackett Mar23267

Jan22686 F eFbe2b22523386 9 immigration laws very well and showed us the best alternative for our case.” Considering the extensive positive feedback it receives from clients, it is no surprise that Healy Daloia Migration Services has been awarded Best Migration Agency in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. We congratulate Agostinho and his team on this achievement and look forward to seeing what they go on to accomplish in the coming years. Contact: Agostinho Daloia Neto Company: Healy Daloia Migration Services Web: healydaloia.com.au Healy Daloia Migration Services is a leading provider of end-to-end Australian migration services, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and São Paulo. Its team are dedicated to supporting clients as they navigate the complexities of Australian migration law to achieve their goals. As a result of its professional and high-quality services, the company was named this year’s Best Migration Agency in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2023. Healy Daloia Migration Services understands the complexity of Australian migration laws and that, for many migrants, the process of submitting a visa application can be daunting and timeconsuming. The company’s mission is to relieve clients of as much of this pressure as possible by examining the specifics of their individual case and providing them with comprehensive assistance. Healy Daloia’s dedicated team work hard to provide them with clear and honest advice, always acting with integrity and in their best interest. Through its expertise and ethical means of practice, the firm strives to help them obtain successful migration results. Committed to delivering high-quality solutions to its clients, Healy Daloia caters to the needs and requirements of migrants with a breadth of services. These range from initial migration assessments and plan mapping through to assistance with a variety of temporary, provisional, and permanent residence visa applications. All of its services begin with a consultation in which the firm determines which options are best suited to the client and their needs. Healy Daloia also assists migrants in the eligibility verification and application processes for migration skills assessments and Australian citizenship. It can also help with appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal as well as Ministerial Intervention requests in relation to visa refusals and cancellations. In 2018, Healy Daloia was established by Agostinho Daloia Neto, the firm’s Founding Director and Principal Registered Migration Agent. Originally hailing from Brazil, he is a migrant himself and understands the challenges faced by those looking to relocate to Australia. Today, Agostinho is active in the Australian Latin American community, serving on the board of Brazilian Association for Social Development and Integration in Australia (ABRISA), and as a member of Australia Latin America Business Council (ALABC). With the majority of Agostinho’s team speaking English, Portuguese, and Spanish, Healy Daloia has become a leader on the Latin American market, with offices in both Australia and Brazil. With a true passion for education, Agostinho is highly qualified in his field, having obtained postgraduate qualifications in Australian migration law and practice at both the Australian National University and the University of Technology in Sydney. He also studied human rights law at the University of Cambridge and undertook a graduate programme in the same field at Harvard University. Dedicated to furthering his knowledge, Agostinho continues to study to this day. He is currently studying a Juris Doctor at Deakin University and a Social Justice Graduate Program at Harvard University. As a result of the outstanding assistance and advice it provides, Healy Daloia has garnered an impressive 5-star rating on Google, with reviews praising the professional and knowledgeable nature of its team. For example, one glowing review states, “I highly recommend Agostinho and Healy Daloia migration services. It was very important to have his assistance to achieve a successful outcome of my application. He was always realistic about my chances and clearly presented the risks involved, but never discouraged me to continuing with my application. He understands the Comprehensive Support with Your Australian Migration Journey Mar23652

Mar22270 AMparr2 32620740 Settled in Keysborough, Parkmore Family Dental is committed to delivering general and cosmetic dental services throughout the local area. Its comprehensive dental options allow people from all walks of life to pursue solutions to their individual teeth-related problems. Parkmore Family Dental takes a personal approach towards dentistry that’ll ensure patients never fear having their teeth looked at again. At Parkmore Family Dental, the team offers dental services to a whole range of patients. It places a strong emphasis on connectivity and long-term relationships and puts its all into ensuring that its team of highly qualified dentists are on-hand to deliver on its promises. As a leading dentist in Keysborough, it provides every treatment that any patient could need, all whilst adhering to exceptional levels of quality. By combining state of the art technology with advanced knowledge and prowess, Parkmore Family Dental is able to present patients with a unique selection of services. These services include, but aren’t limited to: cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dentures, emergency dental treatment, Invisalign, restorative dentistry, teeth whitening services, children’s dentistry and much more. Despite having such a broad range of options for patients of any age, however, Parkmore Family Dental doesn’t once sacrifice quality, and deploys only the best dentists that Melbourne has to offer. In addition to incredible expertise, Parkmore Family Dental offers personalised care that’ll make you feel as though you’re with a friend instead of a medical professional. The dentists value each and every patient, and strive to become a part of their lives through the lifelong commitment that it specialises in. This, combined with an easy booking system, makes for a family dentist that really cares about being a friendly face in an environment that many people could find daunting. What makes Parkmore Family Dental truly special, however, is how its staff effortlessly represent the morals of the practice. Through a combined understanding of how to treat patients with compassion and kindness, whilst delivering on the promise of professionalism, the team upholds a sense of unity that’s impossible to ignore. It’s what allows Parkmore Family Dental to deliver a holistic approach towards dental health that serves to completely eradicate the clinical nature of a dental check-up. Parkmore Family Dental is a fully accredited dental practice, comprised wholly of Australian graduated dentists, with services Best Family Dentistry Practice - VIC that encapsulate the kindness that the sector has to offer. From working with children, to offering geriatric care, it provides patients with the chance to enjoy their visit to the dentist. The closeness it has with its patients is undeniably nurturing, and it’s thanks to this approach towards each individual that its team interacts with that it’s able to so seamlessly integrate into its patients’ lives. No matter your background, language, or preferences, Parkmore Family Dental is committed to making you feel comfortable. It recognises the importance of relieving stress within a clinical environment, and manages to do so in new and inspiring ways. All of this culminates in a renowned dental clinic that has lifelong connections at its heart, and we believe it’ll continue to flourish as the years progress. We’re delighted to present Parkmore Family Dental with the title of Best Family Dentistry Practice – VIC. No practice is more deserving of such an award, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to supply holistic dental services to patients from all walks of life. Despite the struggles the dental sphere has faced in recent years, Parkmore Family Dental has persevered, and the result is a renowned practice with its patients’ wellbeing and comfort at its core. Contact: Dr Vicky Thai Company: Parkmore Family Dental Web Address: www.parkmorefamilydental.com.au

Jan22686 Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, ANCOR provides clients with a wide variety of solutions related to recruitment, temporary staffing, IT contracting, outsourcing, and HR consulting. Its expert team of staff work hard to deliver tangible results to all parties. Thanks to its continued excellence in the services it provides, ANCOR was named Best Recruitment Enterprise, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. Thailand’s Leading Recruitment and Staffing Enterprise Since 2006, ANCOR has been operating in South East Asia, finding the most effective solutions to enable clients to obtain the best results and ultimately achieve their goals. The firm is a part of an international staffing group and has been listed in the Top 50 Largest Direct Hire Staffing Firms Globally, two years running. ANCOR handles various types of employment opportunities in Thailand. Currently, the Thai job market remains generally conservative, with most candidates preferring to get a permanent job. Despite this, there has been a recent shift in the market, with more individuals becoming open to project-based work. The outsourcing industry is growing in Thailand, but it differs from the other markets in which ANCOR operates. The country does not have a high demand for business process outsourcing (BPO) services because companies are not yet ready to entrust entire processes to external vendors. As a result, ANCOR primarily focuses on outsourcing HR functions in the region. Time will tell whether the market will eventually shift to a more comprehensive outsourcing approach. The recruitment industry is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, with an increasing number of emerging tools and technologies. Despite this, clients continue to prioritise two things: speed and quality of service. To enhance its Jun23281 speed, ANCOR utilises modern CRMs, social networks, and internal processes. However, identifying the ideal candidate still requires a personal, human touch and careful consideration. In everything it does, ANCOR strives to reflect three key values. Firstly, it demonstrates leadership through its inner need, desire, and motivation to be number one in all aspects. Secondly, it instils effectiveness in its operations by focusing on achieving the maximum results in the given conditions. Lastly, it encourages cooperation within its company culture by promoting the principles of respect and trust. The firm values and cares about every member of its team, who all care about each other. ANCOR understands that its employees are its greatest asset for success, so it aims to create a positive office environment in which they can thrive. The firm’s primary goal is to meet its clients’ needs and, above all, deliver tangible results. Employee performance indicators are therefore linked to outcomes rather than processes. ANCOR actively encourages its employees to go above and beyond to help clients and candidates succeed. The company is receptive to new ideas and provides growth opportunities for individuals who work hard and take on responsibilities. As a result of its excellent services, ANCOR has been awarded Best Recruitment Enterprise, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to the firm and its team for this commendable achievement. Currently, the company is carrying out extensive research with over 5000 participants to uncover the true trends of the job market and identify top employers based on public perceptions of HR brands. This exciting project has been dubbed “The Talentist”. The firm encourages interested readers to keep an eye out for the results, which are expected to release in October. Contact: Dmitry Gusev, MD Company: ANCOR Web Address: ancor.co.th

JMu na r2 23 21 26 73 0 After climbing the corporate ladder from the bottom up, Aroshi Nanayakkara founded Global Consulting Company in 2014. With 25 years of experience in the corporate world, she was committed to providing her expertise to help small businesses grow. Throughout her career, Aroshi Nanayakkara has accumulated a combination of expertise that few individuals have. She has experience in the corporate sectors of finance, corporate strategy, risk management, and HR. Initially, Aroshi worked as Corporate Banker but then moved away from banking into HR, handling Human Resource Development and Strategic Planning. There she successfully drove the company’s human resources through two significant changes. Later on, Aroshi worked her way up the corporate ladder to become Group Director of Human Resource Development, while serving as Board Director of the subsidiary company of a 150-year corporate entity. Once again, Aroshi changed fields to join Sri Lanka’s largest apparel group as their Chief Risk Officer. This consisted of overlooking the functions of Enterprise Risk Management, internal audit, and compliance. Her final role within this company was as CEO – before later deciding to start her very own consulting firm. Global Consulting Company offers practical, client-focused solutions by delivering endto-end consulting services in Corporate Strategy, HR, and Risk Management – which all supports clients throughout crafting to implementation. Some industries it works with are banking and wealth management, pharmaceuticals, travel and airlines, appeal, insurance, BPOs, regulatory bodies, chambers, and exchanges, state-owned enterprises, media, and more. Alongside her team, Aroshi approaches her clients by firstly getting an in-depth understanding of the position they are in – followed by data analysis of the company’s organisation and financials. Next, they discuss the strategic outcome they want to achieve and begin organising all aspects of financial and operational delivery to bring the clients’ desired results forward. This takes place through virtual and in-person meetings with the senior leadership team and, if possible, the board. To ensure the agreed objectives are delivered, monthly or quarterly monitoring sessions are implemented during the planning stages. The solutions that Aroshi offers through Global Consulting Company not only centre around the organisation, but they are also team specific. This consists of engaging with the organisation’s senior leadership team to create tailored solutions that work within the existing culture that the team operated from. Aroshi shares, “Our ethos is not to be a fee-driven organisation but to be one that engages to enable greatness of the organisation and its people. We build long-term relationships with our clients and see them through many phases of growth.” Clients share their experiences working alongside Aroshi to Most Comprehensive Corporate Strategy & Risk Management Consultancy CEO 2023 (Sri Lanka): Aroshi Nanayakkara grow their businesses. For example, one shares, “Aroshi is very professional in bringing out strategic thinking in people. She has great attention to detail and has the capability to analyse and synthesise information. Her pragmatic methods could help an organisation define and achieve corporate objectives with continuous monitoring. She is a flexible and accommodating person when it comes to working with her. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional business consultancy.” When searching for consultancy services, it is rare that you come across a company with the expertise that Aroshi offers, and this has recently been recognised. We are excited to share that Aroshi Nanayakkara has received the Most Comprehensive Corporate Strategy & Risk Management Consultancy CEO 2023 (Sri Lanka). Is your company at a standstill, and you are trying to figure out what to do to help its growth? Global Consulting Company supports you and your team in incorporating solutions that will take you to highs you never imagined possible. There is no better time to invest in your future than right now. Contact: Aroshi Nanayakkara Company: Global Consulting Company Web: www.gloconsult.net

May22239 Apr23322 Pro Tactical Global is committed to helping its clients achieve excellent results in the capital markets and beyond. It offers a full range of marketing, media, and IPO services across local, mainland, and foreign markets, delivering its clients’ stories to the whole world. Founded in 2011, Pro Tactical Global (PTG) began as a specialist in PR, IR, and ESG consulting. It is now the largest public relations, media, and investor relations network in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and the US. It has a clear goal to build solid foundations within capital markets, something critical for listed companies who are looking ahead to seize new opportunities. It also seeks to enable such companies to build a future that is both ethical and sustainable. Operating directly from its offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US, the company’s team of experienced, dedicated, and visionary professionals are committed to providing absolutely first-class public relations, investor relations, media relations, and ESG services and solutions. As what is often considered a boutique PR agency in the industry, PTG considers itself akin to the Hermés of its field, offering something different to the standardised services traditional PR firms provide. Many clients choose it for the customised professional services it excels in providing, and the way it proactively addresses its clients core issues, unconfined by traditional frameworks. For example, it explores the reasons behind the generally poor liquidity of Chinese concept stocks in the United States. The absence of Chinese stocks in the US is something that PTG believes is not just due to Sino-US political factors, or the absence of their products in the US market. Rather, it thinks that a significant part of the problem lies in the United States’ lack of understanding about the unique business environment and consumer behaviour found in China. For PTG, this perfectly aligns with its core value to tell stories in the right way, and successfully bridge the gaps in perception. PTG sees it primary mission as to offer businesses in China a comprehensive set of services within the global market communications, and secondary market value management. It celebrates the core values in the business of focus, efficiency, and implementation. These values are also key qualities it seeks whenever recruiting new employees. In today’s fiercely competitive industry, PTG is aware that there is a tendency for many competitors to overstate their capabilities in a bid to attract new clients, whilst failing to provide much in the way of effective, actionable solutions when clients experience crises. PTG takes a different approach. It is committed to staying up to date with industry trends, and leveraging its team’s professional backgrounds in fields such as investment banking, brokering, analysis, ESG, media, PR, and the like. This means it is always alert and ready to provide its clients with efficient and practical solutions. The company’s leadership help with this, and promote the notion for everyone at PTG to always stay curious and keep learning. Grace Hsu, the CEO of PTGASIA, discussed with us the challenges faced by the company and the impact it faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained that she firmly believes that every crisis presents an opportunity, and that during the pandemic, of course, many industries were faced with challenges, but for PTG it also brought unexpected opportunities. For example, when Chinese companies began encountering difficulties expanding overseas, it seized on the industry’s advantages, precisely addressing its clients’ needs in the secondary market and global brand communication. As a result of this, PTG experienced a remarkable growth of 80% during the pandemic, which undoubtedly signified a positive development. This achievement also significantly bolstered the confidence of both Grace and her team members. Grace is a seasoned expert in the field of international public relations and integrated marketing communications (IMC), boasting over a decade of experience in global communications. She was previously the project lead at the prestigious Ogilvy Taiwan (Overseas). Her competence stretches across brand marketing strategy for China, global media issue management, and crisis management. She has a remarkable understanding of industries such as finance, healthcare, and technology, with past clients including an impressive roster of both domestic and international Fortune 500 and listed companies. For example, she has experience of working with SAP, NVIDIA, Zespri, Merck, BMS, Cathay Pacific, Johnnie Walker, JD.com, MITU, 51talk, New Horizon Health, Adlai Nortye, ATRenew (AHS), NetEase Youdao, Xiao-i Robot, and more. Grace has exceptional industry insights, an international perspective, and an impressive and innovative approach to public relations. She has consistently assisted her clients “With more than 20 professionals working in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.S., we assist clients in all areas and industries. While each sector varies in focus, our areas of specialty and experience can benefit any enterprise seeking expertise in IPO communications, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Media Relations, and ESG consulting.” Leading PR, Media & Investors Network CEO 2023 (China): Grace Hsu