Q3 2023

Towards the most citizen-driven city office in Japan transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Susono city, Shizuoka prefecture (Mayer: Harukaze Murata) to accelerate Susono city’s digital transformation (DX) on July 6, 2023. Under the collaboration agreement, Susono city and transcosmos aim to make the Susono government the most citizen-driven city office in Japan. To achieve this goal, Susono city and transcosmos will closely work together and transform the city’s administrative operations to offer the best government services for all, and make Susono city a city of choice for both people and companies. More specifically, the two parties will collaborate on the matters related to 1) boosting citizen satisfaction through collecting and analyzing information using digital technology, 2) enhancing citizen services with the power of digital, 3) accelerating DX in the local government with digital tools, 4) transforming administrative operations and boosting transcosmos signs a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Susono city, Shizuoka prefecture to accelerate DX in the local government staff productivity, 5) collecting information about the national digital policies and initiatives, and 6) other necessary matters to achieve Article 1 of the agreement. This marks the second collaboration agreement transcosmos has signed with local governments in the eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture. Given that the working-age population continues to shrink leading up to 2030, all local governments are expected to face a hard time in securing civil servants, and the region is no exception. As its DX partner, transcosmos will help Susono city manage the government effectively by using digital technologies, and sustain public services. Through a wide-ranging collaboration with Susono city, transcosmos will accelerate digitization of the local government towards a vision for a Digital Garden City Nation - a vision led by the national government - and help the Susono city government achieve overall optimization which in turn will bring greater convenience to citizens and higher operational efficiency to civil servants. Ultimately, transcosmos aims to enhance Susono citizens’ well-being and QQL (Quality of Life) by enabling the local government to offer greater public services, thereby increasing sustainability of the region.