Q3 2023

JMu na r2 23 21 26 73 0 After climbing the corporate ladder from the bottom up, Aroshi Nanayakkara founded Global Consulting Company in 2014. With 25 years of experience in the corporate world, she was committed to providing her expertise to help small businesses grow. Throughout her career, Aroshi Nanayakkara has accumulated a combination of expertise that few individuals have. She has experience in the corporate sectors of finance, corporate strategy, risk management, and HR. Initially, Aroshi worked as Corporate Banker but then moved away from banking into HR, handling Human Resource Development and Strategic Planning. There she successfully drove the company’s human resources through two significant changes. Later on, Aroshi worked her way up the corporate ladder to become Group Director of Human Resource Development, while serving as Board Director of the subsidiary company of a 150-year corporate entity. Once again, Aroshi changed fields to join Sri Lanka’s largest apparel group as their Chief Risk Officer. This consisted of overlooking the functions of Enterprise Risk Management, internal audit, and compliance. Her final role within this company was as CEO – before later deciding to start her very own consulting firm. Global Consulting Company offers practical, client-focused solutions by delivering endto-end consulting services in Corporate Strategy, HR, and Risk Management – which all supports clients throughout crafting to implementation. Some industries it works with are banking and wealth management, pharmaceuticals, travel and airlines, appeal, insurance, BPOs, regulatory bodies, chambers, and exchanges, state-owned enterprises, media, and more. Alongside her team, Aroshi approaches her clients by firstly getting an in-depth understanding of the position they are in – followed by data analysis of the company’s organisation and financials. Next, they discuss the strategic outcome they want to achieve and begin organising all aspects of financial and operational delivery to bring the clients’ desired results forward. This takes place through virtual and in-person meetings with the senior leadership team and, if possible, the board. To ensure the agreed objectives are delivered, monthly or quarterly monitoring sessions are implemented during the planning stages. The solutions that Aroshi offers through Global Consulting Company not only centre around the organisation, but they are also team specific. This consists of engaging with the organisation’s senior leadership team to create tailored solutions that work within the existing culture that the team operated from. Aroshi shares, “Our ethos is not to be a fee-driven organisation but to be one that engages to enable greatness of the organisation and its people. We build long-term relationships with our clients and see them through many phases of growth.” Clients share their experiences working alongside Aroshi to Most Comprehensive Corporate Strategy & Risk Management Consultancy CEO 2023 (Sri Lanka): Aroshi Nanayakkara grow their businesses. For example, one shares, “Aroshi is very professional in bringing out strategic thinking in people. She has great attention to detail and has the capability to analyse and synthesise information. Her pragmatic methods could help an organisation define and achieve corporate objectives with continuous monitoring. She is a flexible and accommodating person when it comes to working with her. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional business consultancy.” When searching for consultancy services, it is rare that you come across a company with the expertise that Aroshi offers, and this has recently been recognised. We are excited to share that Aroshi Nanayakkara has received the Most Comprehensive Corporate Strategy & Risk Management Consultancy CEO 2023 (Sri Lanka). Is your company at a standstill, and you are trying to figure out what to do to help its growth? Global Consulting Company supports you and your team in incorporating solutions that will take you to highs you never imagined possible. There is no better time to invest in your future than right now. Contact: Aroshi Nanayakkara Company: Global Consulting Company Web: www.gloconsult.net