Q3 2023

Jan22686 Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, ANCOR provides clients with a wide variety of solutions related to recruitment, temporary staffing, IT contracting, outsourcing, and HR consulting. Its expert team of staff work hard to deliver tangible results to all parties. Thanks to its continued excellence in the services it provides, ANCOR was named Best Recruitment Enterprise, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. Thailand’s Leading Recruitment and Staffing Enterprise Since 2006, ANCOR has been operating in South East Asia, finding the most effective solutions to enable clients to obtain the best results and ultimately achieve their goals. The firm is a part of an international staffing group and has been listed in the Top 50 Largest Direct Hire Staffing Firms Globally, two years running. ANCOR handles various types of employment opportunities in Thailand. Currently, the Thai job market remains generally conservative, with most candidates preferring to get a permanent job. Despite this, there has been a recent shift in the market, with more individuals becoming open to project-based work. The outsourcing industry is growing in Thailand, but it differs from the other markets in which ANCOR operates. The country does not have a high demand for business process outsourcing (BPO) services because companies are not yet ready to entrust entire processes to external vendors. As a result, ANCOR primarily focuses on outsourcing HR functions in the region. Time will tell whether the market will eventually shift to a more comprehensive outsourcing approach. The recruitment industry is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced, with an increasing number of emerging tools and technologies. Despite this, clients continue to prioritise two things: speed and quality of service. To enhance its Jun23281 speed, ANCOR utilises modern CRMs, social networks, and internal processes. However, identifying the ideal candidate still requires a personal, human touch and careful consideration. In everything it does, ANCOR strives to reflect three key values. Firstly, it demonstrates leadership through its inner need, desire, and motivation to be number one in all aspects. Secondly, it instils effectiveness in its operations by focusing on achieving the maximum results in the given conditions. Lastly, it encourages cooperation within its company culture by promoting the principles of respect and trust. The firm values and cares about every member of its team, who all care about each other. ANCOR understands that its employees are its greatest asset for success, so it aims to create a positive office environment in which they can thrive. The firm’s primary goal is to meet its clients’ needs and, above all, deliver tangible results. Employee performance indicators are therefore linked to outcomes rather than processes. ANCOR actively encourages its employees to go above and beyond to help clients and candidates succeed. The company is receptive to new ideas and provides growth opportunities for individuals who work hard and take on responsibilities. As a result of its excellent services, ANCOR has been awarded Best Recruitment Enterprise, Thailand, in the South East Asia Business Awards 2023. We extend our sincere congratulations to the firm and its team for this commendable achievement. Currently, the company is carrying out extensive research with over 5000 participants to uncover the true trends of the job market and identify top employers based on public perceptions of HR brands. This exciting project has been dubbed “The Talentist”. The firm encourages interested readers to keep an eye out for the results, which are expected to release in October. Contact: Dmitry Gusev, MD Company: ANCOR Web Address: ancor.co.th