Q3 2023

May22239 Yarra Valley Gas is a 100% locally owned and operated business located in Eastern Victoria, Australia. It provides customers with LPG, Industrial and Hospitality Gas ranging from small BBQ cylinders all the way through to large commercial installations. As a company who has been servicing Victoria for over 45 years, Yarra Valley Gas delivers the LPG needs of its customers from small scale to commercial sized installations. It also deals with welding gas and hospitality gas wherever needed, with the simple concept always kept in mind that when a customer calls, it can and will deliver. As a local company, Yarra Valley Gas has longstanding connections throughout Eastern Victoria in Australia, where it proudly employs staff members who are local to the community. This means that its employees know both the business, and the people in the area. Yarra Valley Gas is heavily involved in local community events and sporting clubs within the area, and prides itself on excellent levels of customer service and customer focus. Whilst other gas suppliers are moving away from verbal communications towards providing a 100% online or digital service, Yarra Valley Gas remains committed to finding the customer service experience that is right for its individual customers. It recognises the significance of change and digital communication, of course, but not to the detriment of customers or the business. That is why it actively invites its customers to speak directly, person to person, if that’s what they prefer to do. Currently within the gas industry there is a lot of conflicting information regarding gas supply and changing government policies. Many customers have legitimate concerns about the availability of gas in Australia, and the affordability of it in regards to the rising cost of living. Yarra Valley Gas has remained stable, consistent, and flexible with its customers throughout, adapting to their ever-changing needs and requirements with speed and effectiveness. It strongly encourages customers to communicate their concerns, and will then work with them to find a solution that best fits. Yarra Valley Gas has its own fleet of vehicles to bring, as one of Victoria’s largest gas suppliers, LPG directly to the retail and wholesale markets across Victoria. It also has a significant advantage in that it possesses over 45 years of experience and local knowledge to fall back on. The internal culture at Yarra Valley Gas is a direct reflection of the company’s success. The leadership group firmly believes that without its team it simply wouldn’t exist. When looking for new staff, it focuses on people who are well presented, can communicate effectively, can follow the company policies and safety procedures, and lead, as and when necessary. It looks for people who are interested in learning, passionate about working as an integral part of a team and are willing to support it in achieving its goals. As a community focused business, Yarra Valley Gas also specifically looks for people to join its team who are knowledgeable about its areas of focus, who know the roads, and understand the conditions expected across the seasons. Its primary focus as a gas company is on maintaining the very best in terms of teamwork and safety conditions. It realises, and emphasizes, that everyone at Yarra Valley is responsible to and for each other’s safety while at work. As such, it is wonderful to see that the Australian Enterprise Awards have seen fit to announce Yarra Valley Gas as the Best Industrial Gas & Equipment Company in Victoria. This award is a great achievement for this industrious yet accessible company, who always go the extra mile to ensure their customers receive care, consideration, and respect. Company: Yarra Valley Gas Web Address: www.yvgas.com.au Contact Name: Jacqui Burgess Best Industrial Gas & Equipment Company - Victoria Feb23617