Q3 2023

May22239 Apr23322 Pro Tactical Global is committed to helping its clients achieve excellent results in the capital markets and beyond. It offers a full range of marketing, media, and IPO services across local, mainland, and foreign markets, delivering its clients’ stories to the whole world. Founded in 2011, Pro Tactical Global (PTG) began as a specialist in PR, IR, and ESG consulting. It is now the largest public relations, media, and investor relations network in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and the US. It has a clear goal to build solid foundations within capital markets, something critical for listed companies who are looking ahead to seize new opportunities. It also seeks to enable such companies to build a future that is both ethical and sustainable. Operating directly from its offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US, the company’s team of experienced, dedicated, and visionary professionals are committed to providing absolutely first-class public relations, investor relations, media relations, and ESG services and solutions. As what is often considered a boutique PR agency in the industry, PTG considers itself akin to the Hermés of its field, offering something different to the standardised services traditional PR firms provide. Many clients choose it for the customised professional services it excels in providing, and the way it proactively addresses its clients core issues, unconfined by traditional frameworks. For example, it explores the reasons behind the generally poor liquidity of Chinese concept stocks in the United States. The absence of Chinese stocks in the US is something that PTG believes is not just due to Sino-US political factors, or the absence of their products in the US market. Rather, it thinks that a significant part of the problem lies in the United States’ lack of understanding about the unique business environment and consumer behaviour found in China. For PTG, this perfectly aligns with its core value to tell stories in the right way, and successfully bridge the gaps in perception. PTG sees it primary mission as to offer businesses in China a comprehensive set of services within the global market communications, and secondary market value management. It celebrates the core values in the business of focus, efficiency, and implementation. These values are also key qualities it seeks whenever recruiting new employees. In today’s fiercely competitive industry, PTG is aware that there is a tendency for many competitors to overstate their capabilities in a bid to attract new clients, whilst failing to provide much in the way of effective, actionable solutions when clients experience crises. PTG takes a different approach. It is committed to staying up to date with industry trends, and leveraging its team’s professional backgrounds in fields such as investment banking, brokering, analysis, ESG, media, PR, and the like. This means it is always alert and ready to provide its clients with efficient and practical solutions. The company’s leadership help with this, and promote the notion for everyone at PTG to always stay curious and keep learning. Grace Hsu, the CEO of PTGASIA, discussed with us the challenges faced by the company and the impact it faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained that she firmly believes that every crisis presents an opportunity, and that during the pandemic, of course, many industries were faced with challenges, but for PTG it also brought unexpected opportunities. For example, when Chinese companies began encountering difficulties expanding overseas, it seized on the industry’s advantages, precisely addressing its clients’ needs in the secondary market and global brand communication. As a result of this, PTG experienced a remarkable growth of 80% during the pandemic, which undoubtedly signified a positive development. This achievement also significantly bolstered the confidence of both Grace and her team members. Grace is a seasoned expert in the field of international public relations and integrated marketing communications (IMC), boasting over a decade of experience in global communications. She was previously the project lead at the prestigious Ogilvy Taiwan (Overseas). Her competence stretches across brand marketing strategy for China, global media issue management, and crisis management. She has a remarkable understanding of industries such as finance, healthcare, and technology, with past clients including an impressive roster of both domestic and international Fortune 500 and listed companies. For example, she has experience of working with SAP, NVIDIA, Zespri, Merck, BMS, Cathay Pacific, Johnnie Walker, JD.com, MITU, 51talk, New Horizon Health, Adlai Nortye, ATRenew (AHS), NetEase Youdao, Xiao-i Robot, and more. Grace has exceptional industry insights, an international perspective, and an impressive and innovative approach to public relations. She has consistently assisted her clients “With more than 20 professionals working in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.S., we assist clients in all areas and industries. While each sector varies in focus, our areas of specialty and experience can benefit any enterprise seeking expertise in IPO communications, Public Relations, Investor Relations, Media Relations, and ESG consulting.” Leading PR, Media & Investors Network CEO 2023 (China): Grace Hsu