Q3 2023

Dawn Tech is Singapore’s leading provider for unique, conformal surface coating, commonly known as Parylene. As a proven class of polymer-based conformal coating that’s widely utilised throughout Europe and North America in a multitude of high-value sectors, Parylene presents an immense potential to shape the electronic, automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial industries. Dawn Tech is not only aware of this, but specialises in providing Parylene to a multitude of companies across South East Asia. Throughout the past 35 years, Dawn Tech has been wholly focused on delivering Parylene coating to its vast network of clients. It works closely alongside its customers to ensure their needs are met, no matter the circumstance, and helps them to understand what coating would best suit their requirements. And, with a plant in South East Asia, Dawn Tech is able to support its clients even further, and drastically shortens transportation time as a result. But what is Parylene? At its core, Parylene is a coating that delivers a uniform thickness film, no matter the complexity of the surface area it’s required to cover. It provides freedom from pinholes and defects for coatings as thin as one micron. Unlike conventional coatings often utilised throughout a multitude of industries, Parylene moulds itself to the contours of an object’s shape, drastically enhancing the longevity and sustainability of products. Often regarded as the world’s best conformal coating, Parylene is utilised throughout a wide variety of professions, and Dawn Tech is at the forefront of ensuring that those who are seeking a high-quality coating have access to exactly what they need. Whether it’s the medical industry making use of Parylene to coat their needs, pressure sensors, stents, and cardiac assist devices, to the electronics sector wanting to protect their circuit boards and wealth of electronic products, Dawn Tech is more than willing to provide and advise wherever necessary. Dawn Tech specialises in the usage of Parylene, and therefore offers a wealth of information about this unique and useful substance. Thanks to its stability in both a physical and chemical sense, Parylene is able to resist moisture, and grants products protection from solvents, chemicals, pollutants, corrosive vapours, and much more. Its perseverance within hostile environments makes it the go-to for protective coatings, and Dawn Tech’s passion for enhancing accessibility shines through its dedication to spreading awareness of Parylene’s benefits. As expected of a specialist coating, Parylene is also incredibly versatile. Not only is this evidenced through its array of application possibilities, but it’s also made abundantly clear when compared to conventional coatings. Parylene fills the holes that’re present within more common coatings, placing it a step above the others in every aspect imaginable. Its ability to adapt to almost any product makes it a no-brainer for businesses looking to protect their equipment, and Dawn Tech is at the forefront of ensuring its clients receive the right coating to suit their sectors. Dawn Tech is a multi-awardwinning business, and it’s easy to see why. Its prowess in, not only understanding Parylene, but breaking down its properties for those who may not be as aware of its capabilities, sets it apart from other suppliers within the industry. There’s a level of adeptness behind Dawn Tech that allows it to stand out against its competition, and with such a capable team at the helm, it’s not at all surprising that it’s garnered the success that it has. Each member of Dawn Tech’s staff is focused on success, not only for the business, but for its clients as well. They approach customers in a more personal way, and truly take the time to understand the individual needs and requirements of specific products and sectors, all to provide the right amount of the right coating. As a result, Dawn Tech has established a loyal client base, with a myriad of customers constantly returning to utilise the brilliance of Parylene. What makes Dawn Tech special is its intrinsic understanding of what a coating should be. Regardless of the industry it’s being utilised in, a coating should perform to the high standards that clients undoubtedly have, and its this strict adherence to customer expectations that defines Dawn Tech as a company. It recognises the vast properties and characteristics of Parylene, and proceeds to ensure that every customer is provided with whatever they need in order to excel in their sector. Parylene’s incredible flexibility as a coating is undeniable, but it takes a truly passionate company to thoroughly explore it and identify the areas in which it works best. This is Dawn Tech’s most outstanding quality – it specialises in Parylene, and therefore knows the coating inside out. It’s mastered the art of detecting what would and wouldn’t work with Parylene, and then conveys this information to clients in easyto-understand jargon that’s far from overwhelming. Dawn Tech prioritises brilliance, and it’s this focus that keeps it so closely connected to Parylene. It recognises the potential that this specific coating possesses for a whole manner of clients, and tirelessly works to guarantee greatness for anyone interested in Parylene. It’s inspiring to witness such a capable team striving to make a difference throughout Most Innovative Surface Treatment Technology Provider 2023 - Singapore Jun23386