Q3 2023

Mar22270 AMparr2 32620740 Settled in Keysborough, Parkmore Family Dental is committed to delivering general and cosmetic dental services throughout the local area. Its comprehensive dental options allow people from all walks of life to pursue solutions to their individual teeth-related problems. Parkmore Family Dental takes a personal approach towards dentistry that’ll ensure patients never fear having their teeth looked at again. At Parkmore Family Dental, the team offers dental services to a whole range of patients. It places a strong emphasis on connectivity and long-term relationships and puts its all into ensuring that its team of highly qualified dentists are on-hand to deliver on its promises. As a leading dentist in Keysborough, it provides every treatment that any patient could need, all whilst adhering to exceptional levels of quality. By combining state of the art technology with advanced knowledge and prowess, Parkmore Family Dental is able to present patients with a unique selection of services. These services include, but aren’t limited to: cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, dentures, emergency dental treatment, Invisalign, restorative dentistry, teeth whitening services, children’s dentistry and much more. Despite having such a broad range of options for patients of any age, however, Parkmore Family Dental doesn’t once sacrifice quality, and deploys only the best dentists that Melbourne has to offer. In addition to incredible expertise, Parkmore Family Dental offers personalised care that’ll make you feel as though you’re with a friend instead of a medical professional. The dentists value each and every patient, and strive to become a part of their lives through the lifelong commitment that it specialises in. This, combined with an easy booking system, makes for a family dentist that really cares about being a friendly face in an environment that many people could find daunting. What makes Parkmore Family Dental truly special, however, is how its staff effortlessly represent the morals of the practice. Through a combined understanding of how to treat patients with compassion and kindness, whilst delivering on the promise of professionalism, the team upholds a sense of unity that’s impossible to ignore. It’s what allows Parkmore Family Dental to deliver a holistic approach towards dental health that serves to completely eradicate the clinical nature of a dental check-up. Parkmore Family Dental is a fully accredited dental practice, comprised wholly of Australian graduated dentists, with services Best Family Dentistry Practice - VIC that encapsulate the kindness that the sector has to offer. From working with children, to offering geriatric care, it provides patients with the chance to enjoy their visit to the dentist. The closeness it has with its patients is undeniably nurturing, and it’s thanks to this approach towards each individual that its team interacts with that it’s able to so seamlessly integrate into its patients’ lives. No matter your background, language, or preferences, Parkmore Family Dental is committed to making you feel comfortable. It recognises the importance of relieving stress within a clinical environment, and manages to do so in new and inspiring ways. All of this culminates in a renowned dental clinic that has lifelong connections at its heart, and we believe it’ll continue to flourish as the years progress. We’re delighted to present Parkmore Family Dental with the title of Best Family Dentistry Practice – VIC. No practice is more deserving of such an award, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to supply holistic dental services to patients from all walks of life. Despite the struggles the dental sphere has faced in recent years, Parkmore Family Dental has persevered, and the result is a renowned practice with its patients’ wellbeing and comfort at its core. Contact: Dr Vicky Thai Company: Parkmore Family Dental Web Address: www.parkmorefamilydental.com.au