Maz (Marylin) Schirmer is the mastermind behind Creatrix®, the revolutionary breakthrough healing programme that has been developed exclusively for women and is unlike any other programme on the planet. Utilising unique, powerful tools created especially for the female psychology, Maz and her company, UN-Institute of Women™ (UWI) are on a mission to Certify Life Coaches, Practitioners and Female Leaders, to use Creatrix® (And Transformology®) as their program of choice, so they can get exceptional results.


Maz Schirmer has come a long way to get to where she is today, and she continues to prove that anything is possible as long as you have the right tools, understanding, education, and support in place. Maz has had her share of trauma throughout her life, and it was when she was in her thirties, after a ‘wakeup call’, that she took herself from being an unemployed checkout operator and abused single mother living in hiding with her four small children, to achieving what most women could only dream of.


At the age of 32, Maz’s ‘wakeup call’ came in the form of an epileptic fit, and it was this that caused her to turn her life around on a dime. This ‘wakeup call’ or ‘life awakening’ moment, triggered by shocking news or a near-tragic event, is a natural phenomenon of ‘coming into awareness, decision making, or realisation of the gravity of the fragility of mortality’. In that moment, Maz’s life flashed before her eyes, and things haven’t been the same for her since.


She went on to achieve wealth and freedom, becoming number 1 in 10 countries in a fortune 500 company as a business woman, travelling the world training women leaders in business success and personal development, until she realised that something much deeper would sabotage women that no matter what herself and the other top trainers of the leaders and business coaches taught, demonstrated or role played to them, it was their self-doubts and insecurities that sabotaged them most. Maz realised even the best of the best programs were not sustainable for at least 8-9 (if not more) of the women they trained. Even after 15 years of bringing them the best or newest mindset shifting programs available.


She walked away from all of it when she realised the teachings from even the best-selling success authors of all time, such as goal setting, pan your work and work your plan, compartmentalise, consistency being the keys to success, were designed by men. Successful women would share that they too didn’t do it either, even though they taught it to others, because they too were told they were exceptions to the rule, and they would be even more successful if they too did what they taught.


Maz realised not just that these programmes actually don’t work long term for most women, they cause damage to women’s nervous systems! That’s when Maz sought about creating her own in Creatrix®.


From her experience of ‘empowerment’ methods, timeline processes, EFT and other tools considered advanced, including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and even using body language, all originated when men were mostly those using them, and were who came up with them. Maz realised the designs of them didn’t work well enough to sustain in women, yet are taught to them, and then taught by them to other women, like Maz had been doing. Body language teaching experts teaching these didn’t consult with women to understand how these many differ if applied to a woman. For example, crossed arms meaning closed body language, telling them to never fold them in business dealings, causes women to feel exposed or even unsafe, because there’s many reasons specific to women for doing this, such as being cold, protective, hiding breasts more visible in cold, holding them up, or pulling them together.


Maz has proven how ineffective these teachings are for women by identifying that there really is a biological difference based on the reproductive organs a woman is born with, that affects the female brain, including hormones and mind processes. The truth is these one-size-fits-all processes and teachings simply don’t fit female needs, with Maz comparing them to trying to run Android software on an iPhone – It just doesn’t work. Women are complex, intricate beings, and often these traditional techniques don’t get to the root cause of their issues, because they are simply not designed for the way their minds work.


“It’s time we had something that wasn’t mostly left-brained and formatted logically, spatially, and sequentially to solve the creative and emotionally charged problems that are common in females,” says Maz.


Now with more than 15 years of incredible international success and ground-breaking research under her belt, Maz’s science-backed and proven Creatrix® process is a world-first that understands women from the inside out and enables them to heal from their past traumas. For her work and the extraordinary impact it continues to have, she has been recognised with multiple accolades including 3 International Stevie Awards in 2017 Entrepreneur of the year, Women Helping Women and Most Innovative Company, and within the 2018 Women’s Economic Forum Awards for her impact on women.


A huge part of the work Maz does is as founder and owner of Institute of Women International™,  (which only this month has re-branded to UN-Institute of Women™), together women who are equally as passionate about helping others to overcome their trauma and feel empowered. She currently has 220 Transformologist® coaches from around the world who are trained and supported to deliver the Creatrix® process. As a result of the earn-while-you-learn Creatrix® Transformology® study programme, IOWI’s coaches can confidently take clients through the Creatrix® process and transform their lives, through offering the Creatrix®️ Program to women as a service.


Maz is also the author of “The MAZ Factor”, in which she tells her “gutsy”, rags-to-riches, true story. This is in addition to having penned “Learn the Secret of Unblocking Women” which teaches readers how to boldly ‘out-do any counsellor, therapist, or coach and guarantee lasting results for female clients’. Other outstanding resources available from Maz are  The CREATRIX method, 40 Women, 100 Issues, 1 Solution in which 40 women share how Creatrix ®️ transformed their lives through Maz’s Creatrix® programme, the Modality Checklist all Coaches should read before studying any programs to empower women, and the step-by-step guide, “20 Creative Ways to get Coaching Clients”. All of these, and more, are available online and give a thorough insight into empowering women with impact.


One Creatrix® Transformologist® Lisa Carruthers shares her experience: “Since starting at the Institute Of Women International™ in August, I have found a group of powerhouse women, and an amazing place that totally supports me in every part of how I feel, to how I learn, and to how I can grow.


“The Creatrix® Transformology® training course provided here is extremely professional and real, well planned, and has an outstanding amount of resources, information, continued trainings, and classes that are specifically designed for women to grow even further – I love this aspect so much! Maz, you have thought of everything!”


Also a Creatrix® Transformology® coach, Josien Hannema-Remmelts says, “Until this day I’m so happy and grateful that I’m educated by the IOWI. Creatrix® has changed my life and I love being a Transformologist® for four years now! Thanks to the very complete and profound training that I had from IOWI four years ago, I now have a flourishing and successful business which empowers other women. I truly love to set other women free from their blocks and limiting beliefs. Thank you, Maz and IOWI for making this possible for me!”



So, what is Creatrix® exactly?

Creatrix® was developed using epigenetics, the newest form of science that proves genes don’t necessarily determine one’s destiny, meaning everyone has the power to change the outcomes in their life. Maz hypothesised that if the process of family patterns was passed on within the uterus of women, she wondered if women needed to go to the depth of their own female intelligence that resides deeply within. If only this was accessible, she wondered, to re-educate the woman deeply on the inside, so she could rewrite her own destiny as a way to clear the pattern.


Maz states, “You possibly inherited what your ancestors stressed about, ate, and were exposed to internally and externally. With Creatrix®, you can undo damage that is causing negative cycles to recreate your destiny and especially that of your children and the energy you supply to your current life.”


Combining this science, her hypothesis and learning that our unconscious minds can’t tell the difference between self and others, Maz was able to construct Creatrix® into a self-educational and healing experience. The high level of safety built into the Creatrix® framework design allows this experience to happen so profoundly, because nowhere in the process, is the client herself in the scenarios within the story that her mind creates to represent what needs to learned. It’s the self wisdom that elevates the woman to feel whole and complete, as if her past was no longer self-esteem destroying.  Maz claims Creatrix®️ gets irreversible results due to the intuitive and emotional intelligence that comes about as the woman accesses her own inner guru, while the Transformologist® is merely guiding her, giving her the questions to ask herself. Sounds too simple, yet it lasts like nothing else.


This re-education process causes a new level of understanding that although the woman might have heard it before, this time is different due to the design of Creatrix®️ and can be used as the gold standard in personal development for women specifically, or any time a woman needs deep wisdom, even to activate creativity and quite head chatter.


 The real magic that causes the entire process to flow so effortlessly for women, is the simplicity of utilisation the power of imagination of the oldest ways of learning, through story using metaphoric characterisation and perceptions, which acknowledge DNA is a malleable story that works with the plasticity of the brain to cause it to think differently.


Creatrix®️ has the elements of a spontaneous, natural wake up call moment just as Maz had experienced once, in which all who experience one, report they never think the same again, being able to achieve what they couldn’t before as well as feeling stronger on the inside.


In the shock moment most will say it’s as if time stood still, the world went silent and their faculties were momentarily suspended, while they gained a new value of life and the reasons for changing for the better, and the old thinking has disappeared. So whilst reflecting on mortality, they reset to a healthier perspective on life, themselves, others and the world.


Time, faculties or outside interference being suspended (helped by the Transformologist®) keeps the woman well disassociated and disconnected from her current painful reality, long enough to realise what she must to entirely shift the thoughts, beliefs, values and even her attitude, all at once. Why most women love being Transformologists is that they get to witness and skilfully guide women to their own unravelling and realising, which makes complete sense to women, even if not to anyone else. They don’t have to learn how the brain works, or understand much more beyond the job of facilitating and guiding, because the method works by them staying out of it, not advising, teaching or diagnosing.


It’s that women are able, with a professional Transformologist® Coach, to solve problems within a unique non-sensical story created by their own mind, which causes them to discover they have their own inner guru, accessible within Creatrix®. It’s this unique approach and depth of revelation, whilst temporarily suspending reality, that makes Creatrix®️ a fast, safe, long-term, natural solution to help women break negative cycles once and for all.


It’s like the cells and DNA are learning from the issues and stresses, remembering their natural design was a blueprint of a content, happy, thriving person at one point, which stops the pattern of the ‘issues’ and ‘stresses’ even being able to be triggered at all any more that’s breaking the generational cycles, creating better, cleaner DNA for generations to come.


While the medical world is in search of a drug solution, Creatrix® is proving drugs aren’t necessary if helping a woman early enough. It is entirely organic, as well as a fast, painless, liberating, powerful, deep, and enjoyable experience – and it raises one’s own emotional intelligence and ability to trust intuition too. The unconscious mind is educated to heal traumas that stem back as far as being a small child, wiping out the issues that have been stopping the client feel great about herself and setting her free of her mental and emotional blocks. As a result, she is able to take control of her life.


Maz describes Creatrix®’s cutting-edge methods and teachings as “the future of psychology and personal development for women”, encouraging clients to work with their unique female design – rather than against it – to achieve deep levels of fulfilment and success. The process instantly transforms a woman from the core, enabling her to let go of her past and resolve insecurities and inner conflict so she can heal and reframe in order to be more productive and find inner peace. In some cases, Creatrix® has even cured pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia.


“I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or rewarding,” Maz gushes. “I live and breathe training women in Creatrix® so they can change women’s lives for the better by changing the mindset, thoughts, insecurities, and emotions that don’t serve them, like magic.”


Creatrix® is so ground-breaking that it was featured in a full cinematic documentary entitled “Impact” which was released in 2019 and is now available to watch on Amazon Prime and Apple TV. For the film, three people were selected to receive coaching from the world’s best coaches for 12 months, and two of these had such deeply rooted emotional issues that the film’s director asked Maz to fly over to Creatrix®️ them back to being coachable. They were concerned that if they couldn’t, the entire documentary on Coaching would not be able to proceed.


They found Maz online when searching for someone who specialised specifically in fast emotional healing, was confident, willing to fly to L.A. within the month, but also had a sound, professional reputation, only 5 start reviews and hundreds of videos of evidence that she could achieve what she promises to. She did just this, set these women free of their blocks, and that’s how Creatrix®️ came to feature in a full featured documentary, and save the film on the process. 



Now, we find out what the Creatrix® experience is like from those who have been through it themselves.

Leiza Mosley describes UIW as “a professional and innovative organisation led by women with heart, compassion, respect, and a desire to create profound support that enables women around the world to break through glass ceilings and achieve their dreams”.


She continues, “Very thorough and leading-edge training to deliver its unique tools and techniques, with a high degree of efficacy.”


Stephanie Serone shares, “Finding the Institute of Women International™ back in 2017 changed my life. Years of feeling anxious and depressed, seeking help from psychologists, doctors, and chronic pain specialists and not getting any better, I had lost hope in ever truly feeling happy again. The process called Creatrix® designed by Maz Schirmer completely freed me from my anxiety and depression in two sessions. I finally felt confident and happy and had my spark was back.


“A few years later, I decided to train with the institute and do the course to help other women feel the way I felt. The training and support were incredible and never stops. I am so fulfilled in my life setting women’s hearts free with the help of the Institute of Women International™.”


Michaela Macdonald says, “It is hard to describe an experience that is like no other, as you really don’t have anything to compare it to. Creatrix® is simply put as the best programme for women dealing with emotional issues, stress, or limiting belief. It is administered by women as we get it. It was designed by a woman who got it and it will continue to serve as the most appropriate healing for women in the future. If you haven’t heard about it, look into it now. If you have heard of it but haven’t done anything yet, do it now. It will be best choice you EVER make in your life.”


Maz’s dream is to help 10 million women change their own destiny, through gaining enough Coaches, Leaders and Therapists to add Creatrix®️ to the top shelf of tools for women. As part of the program, they access their own Creatrix®️, so they become the evidence, and become role models of the power of the method.


For business enquiries, contact Marylin (Maz) Schirmer from Institute of Women International (now rebranded as the UN-Institute of Women™️), via email – [email protected] or on their website – or