Thriving Through a Dedication to Best in Class Customer Service

Established in August 2005, The Motorhome Conversion Company has become the leading experts in their sector, impressing with diligent customer service and an extraordinary build quality. Earlier this year, the company was recognised in the APAC Insider’s 2019 Excellence programme as the ‘Leading Pre-Built Motorhome Conversion Services Company in Australia’. We spoke with the firm’s Managing Director and Founder, John Jeffreys, to find out more about their industry, and how they plan to expand their presence in the years to come.

With a truly nationwide presence, it is clear that The Motorhome Conversion Company has secured a truly leading reputation in their niche industry. Partnering exceptional services with a faultless client experience, they have impressed customers across the country and continue to expand their operations on the back of their enduring success.

As John explains in more detail, the firm has evolved over the years from more modest foundations, realising over time where their unique strengths lie. “The company was founded nearly fifteen years ago, originally selling completed motorhomes that were directly imported from Japan. After recognising that our customers were looking for more flexibility and control over the design and layout of their motorhome, we started importing empty buses, and designed the interiors in conjunction with our customers, which was then built by a qualified trade personnel.

“Starting with just two staff members – myself and one motorhome fitter – the company has now grown to include two factory locations and one massive undercover showroom, which currently houses over thirty buses/motorhomes at any one time. Such has been the quality of products produced by Motorhome Conversions, that we are regular exhibitors in most of the State Motorhome and Industry Shows across the country.”

According to John the crux of the company’s success lies in their ability to forge strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients – after all, effective collaboration is key to creating a final product that meets, and exceeds, expectations. “It has been the key to the company’s impressive growth. Delivering a high level of customer service has really been an essential element of the business from the very beginning, with the goal to ‘go the extra mile’ for customers. This includes personally picking up interstate customers from the airport and arranging accommodation for them should they need to stay the night; delivering completed motorhomes interstate without charge; proactively contacting customers to give them regular updates on the progress of their motorhome during conversion, and any of other reasonable requests a customer may have.”

Alongside this, The Motorhome Conversion Company has also implemented its own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to better keep track of every ‘touch point’ that is made with individual customers. This ensures a more ‘standardized’ approach to customer care, ensuring that all clients are catered for in a personalised way. “This level of customer monitoring guarantees a consistent level of quality service, while also enabling the effective use of direct marketing tools to prospective customers.”

Yet, the motorhome market is changing as a new demographic fuels expansive growth. However, The Motorhome Conversion Company has changed alongside it, adapting to best cater to this new wave of clients. “Currently, the motorhome market within Australia is experiencing rapid growth as a result of the ‘baby boomers’ enjoying or nearing retirement. Making up the majority of the market, the industry has noticed that these clients have a desire to enjoy the luxury they deserve, be delivered quality, and wish to be connected with their interests and passions. It is recognising these characteristics of our market that has driven the company to ensure that not only does the product perform beyond the customer’s expectations, but also that the customer receives the level of customer service that they want.”

As we come to the close of the interview, John offers some insight into the future of the business, as they look to grow their already impressive customer base. “Looking ahead, The Motorhome Conversion Company aims to grow its customer base to encompass a higher percentage of interstate customers. This will be achieved through the increased focus on more nationalised marketing activities. In terms of the company’s more immediate future, the focus is on further systemising our processes, not just in the customer service side, but also in the product delivery area of the business to help create further growth and more profitability within it.”

Company: Motorhome Conversion Company
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