There’s no accounting for success, but this Perth based firm have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they deliver it on behalf of their clients. Pine Accounting and Tax Services is the result of years of experience, navigating the challenging waters where the legal and financial sectors converge. Having proven themselves to be an essential part of Australian business, they’ve been recognised for their success. We dig a little deeper to discover exactly what they’ve done that sets them apart from the competition.


It’s not enough to know where money is going these days. People expect more from those who take care of their finances. Instead of simple number crunchers, clients want to know that their accountancy team has their best interests at heart. Those who turn to Pine Accounting and Tax Services know that the team are always looking to secure them and their businesses in the best possible place.


Over the years, Pine Accounting and Tax Services has been able to work with clients of various standing, from individuals through to small businesses and onto large corporate structures. Each is provided with the same level of care and attention, treated with equal importance at every stage. With the ability to offer a wide range of services, including tax returns, business consulting, Superfund compliance and audits, it’s clear that the Pine team are more than qualified to provide a comprehensive offering that answers any and all accounting and tax needs.


Where the team thrive, however, is in how they achieve this. Trust lies at the heart of every decision made by the team, who take the time to ensure that their clients are comfortable with what is being done on their behalf. There is always an assurance that the team will offer high-quality, professional, timely services for all clients, no matter what their size or industry. While the team offers a little more than simple number crunching, accuracy is at the heart of what is on offer. There are no errors, no hidden fees and a fast turnaround to ensure that people can make the decisions they want to quickly and move on with their lives.


There’s never a bad time to get in contact with the Pine Accounting and Tax Services team, as they are always on hand, ready to offer some friendly advice. This means that when a crisis emerges, they are around and available to make things good again, even out of hours. As your trusted advisory team, they thrive under pressure and thrill in the chance to prove themselves in stressful situations. In many ways, this is what sets apart the Pine Accounting and Tax Services team from the rest of the crowd. Where others will sit back and wait for events to occur, this team is always finding new and exciting ways to be proactive in their approach.


Much of the team’s work spans numerous industries, and has the potential to be applied to dozens more with ease. Tradies, deli owners, pharmaceuticals and financial planners all turn to Pine Accounting and Tax Services for assistance. They do so because they know that they will receive a service that is second to none, providing invaluable support that is targeted specifically at their aims. The team at Pine Accounting and Tax Services always work towards partnership, collaboratively building up something stronger than what was once there. It’s an approach that has secured impressive success for all.


As a team who focus on handling the tax and accounting needs of various individuals and organisations, it’s little wonder that this firm is now able to offer a wealth of personalised service to clients. For self-managed super funds, Pine Accounting and Tax Services is ideally placed to lodge tax returns and completes all necessary reporting and lodgements to the ATO.


For all Superfund clients, Pine tax engages an independent auditor to ensure that a client’s Superfund meets with the stringent regulatory and compliance requirements of the industry. By doing this, the team are frequently in touch with auditors and trustees to ensure any errors are rectified and trustees in a process are well informed of the Superannuation laws.


This same careful approach can be applied to individuals too. When the time comes for tax returns, things can get very stressful, very quickly. Fortunately, the Pine Accounting and Tax Services team are able to simplify such processes significantly. Working closely alongside clients, the team can complete and lodge a tax return with the ATO, enabling you to get a refund in no time at all. This hassle-free process has been refined over years and is sure to make even this most tiresome of processes a breeze.


Small and medium businesses naturally bring their own unique challenges to the table, that fall between the needs of an individual and the complexities of a self-managed super fund. When the time comes to file the necessary tax information, the Pine Accounting and Tax Services team will already have matters well in hand. They collate and simplify preparations and lodgements of a firm’s annual taxation, financial statements and reporting requirements. As the team already work alongside a firm when it comes to these matters, it is easy to assist in the management of staff payroll, superannuation contributions and fringe benefits to name but a few factors. The comprehensive support that is offered to clients has proven time and time again to be the secret to the firm’s impressive success within the financial sector.


Part of the Pine promise is an ethos that ensures better value for money on behalf of all concerned. It’s this approach which has led the team to become a brand leader, and indeed a brand of choice, throughout Australia. Securing this position has not be easy for the team and has involved a great deal of work on all sides. Now, Pine Accounting and Tax Services is able to offer clients the skills of a qualified Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and registered tax agent.


This comes in the form of Hamza Maqbool, who completed his Masters in Accounting at the University of Western Australia and gained his MBA from Institute of Business Management Pakistan. When this knowledge is supplanted with over ten years working with large firms in public and private accounting practice, it becomes clear that Hamza knows the industry inside and out. Thanks to this, clients know that they are receiving quality assistance that will give them the same opportunities as their larger competitors. It makes him the ideal person to lead Pine Accounting and Tax Services to the next level.


The team at Pine Accounting and Tax Services has flourished under this impressive leadership, with an atmosphere that is committed to improvement and takes advice from all quarters. There is no place to settle here, with new ideas and concepts being explored all the time. Needless to say, this has allowed an ambitious team to flourish as they test the waters of the industry at large. Pine Accounting and Tax Services acts as a platform where they can push the limits.


Those who come to Pine Accounting and Tax Services all share a real passion for the industry, and value what they will be able to offer to the client. As a young company, the team are committed to supporting those who may not have the experience of other firms. This has proven incredibly useful to the way in which the business operates as it has encouraged a learning environment. Staff are able to connect with the mission of the firm by feeding on the work of others.


This is why training is done on the job, as it allows people to see how things work in action. As well as offering a practical approach, it invites people to share in the general ethos of the company. This practical approach benefits everyone, and people can progress to new levels of independence as they feel comfortable. Regular reviews are conducted by senior managers to ensure that standards are kept high and progress is being made.


During the COVID-19 crisis, this high standard of leadership has been vital to securing success, both for Pine Accounting and Tax Services and for the clients whom they serve. There has been an enormously disruptive element to the industry at large that has made the need for active players clear to many businesses. While some had previously been able to act with advisors who essentially acted as compliance officers, the need for a team who were able to react quickly and effectively to the changing circumstances of the last year has been clear. This situation is unlikely to change as business starts to react to the way in which the COVID-19 pandemic has affected how industry operates.


It became clear very quickly that the best advisors were those who could take an agile approach to this unprecedented challenge. Finding new ways of working with clients was a priority, and so the team at Pine Accounting and Tax Services have been able to adopt new technologies such as video chats and online tools to support their clients. This change was very easily achieved thanks to the team championing the use of cloud technology long before the crisis occurred. They have long been able to work from any location as a result of this decisive move. Having this capacity in hand well before it was required allowed the team to get a head start on many competitors in the business, as well as supporting many clients who suddenly found themselves requiring urgent support in this way.


While many have adapted well to the need to implement social distancing methods and WFH requirements, it’s clear that this is just the first step for many as opposed to the final destination. Firms and teams must embrace the potential of technology not just to survive the fallout from COVID-19, but to ensure they are fit for purpose in the 21st Century. The world of digital technology has opened up new opportunities for all, but those who don’t take part will be left behind.


This means that businesses must train their staff so that they can work remotely in an effective manner. There must be more investment in the appropriate infrastructure, covering areas such as technology and cyber security, to ensure that this is the case. The impact of opening the technological doors is to remove physical boundaries from businesses. A client based in Perth can seek the services of accounting firms in other states without compromising on quality. While this allows the team at Pine Accounting and Tax Services to access a much larger market, it also invites much more competition from across the board. By staying afloat in these challenging times, the team will be able to grow more effectively, leading a charge and making a justified claim to being a market leader.


Looking forward, the future seems bright for this intrepid team. The COVID-19 pandemic has not stymied their work, but made it all the more effective, accelerating many clients through years of work and development. As the team has explored new possibilities for expansion, they have increased their extensive range of services to appeal to a broader range of clients. This includes mortgage broking services, originating from the need to help clients meet their financial needs.


In line with the technological revolution in which the team have invested so much, the launch of a new app “MyTaxman” has the potential to become a guiding light within the financial industry at large. This will provide a much-needed platform for buyers and sellers of professional services. During the pandemic, there has been a need for accounting services that are both cost effective and can reach to the general population. By helping clients to more easily connect with practitioners of financial services through the use of an inbuilt video/ call function, the team hope to transform the way in which the industry works. It will allow customers and contractors to communicate and choose between various quotes much more easily, with incredible transparency throughout.


When looking for a financial and tax advisor, you can’t do better than the team behind Pine Accounting and Tax Services. Under the impressive leadership of Hamza Maqbool, the team have been able to take a leading position in a market that could have been severely affected by recent events. Their ability to adapt is legendary, and their capacity for foresight astonishing. It’s why this is a firm that not only thrives today, but will continue to thrive long into the future.


For business enquires contact Pine Accounting and Tax Services via or email [email protected]