A leading specialist in the geotechnical market, Avopiling operate nationally across all of Australia delivering complex ground engineering solutions for an established client base. APAC examine the foundations of the firm to discover the secrets to its surefooted success.

Established in 1989 by current owner and managing director Avo Tevanian, Avopiling is a family-owned and managed business with a reputation as a recognised market leading geotechnical specialist across the entirety of Australia. The firm seeks to provide specialist ground engineering services to a wide range of sectors within the construction industry, with particular expertise and experience in major infrastructure such as roads, rail, airports, power, and water. Avopiling’s established client base is largely made up of key governmental departments, major contractors and private developers, to name but a few.

Proudly Australian-owned and operated, Avopiling offer more than traditional piling operations. In the thirty years since the firm’s inception, they have also expanded to include excellent services in the Australian construction and mining industries. As well as the aforementioned areas of knowledge within the construction industry, the company is also highly active in commercial and high-rise residential building sectors.

Just some of the successfullydelivered services across Australia include major civil retaining structures, deep and large diameter bored and CFA piles, complex foundations for multi-storied buildings, bridge foundations for roads and railways, diaphragm and secant walls for deep and large diameter shafts, ground improvement and nearshore marine piling. Each of these services can be provided to the wealth of clients previously mentioned, whether they be builders, developers, governments, architects, or public organisations.

Despite growing to have become one of the largest specialist ground engineering contractors across the whole of Australia, Avopiling still strives to uphold and diligently maintain the original objectives of the firm’s founder and managing director. Whatever the client requirements, the company safely provide reliable, ethical, cost-effective and technically sound solutions that are unequalled across the industry.

This continuation of culture is very much alive throughout the company as a whole, reinforced by Avo’s sons who have grown up alongside the business and long-serving senior staff who are dedicated and experienced. Within the organisation itself, every staff member has a strong commitment to client satisfaction and providing outcomes that go well beyond any existing expectations. Employing highly qualified and professional engineers with a wealth of national and international experience, Avopiling’s staff are what separate the firm from any potential competitors.

Avopiling’s mission is to provide reliable, cost-effective technical solutions through employing the very best in latest ground engineering technology. In order to help accomplish this, the firm has long-established relationships and collaborations with several world-leading plant and equipment manufacturers from all over. The company invests heavily year on year in state-of-the-art technology and employee training, proudly offering an unmatched fleet of plants based permanently in Australia.

Close links with European plant manufacturers and continued investment in the best equipment available has given Avopiling opportunities to lead the Australian market in terms of offering bespoke solutions to complex geotechnical requirements. As well as the latest ground engineering technology, the company also employ engine and system management software enabled by GPS monitoring. This state-of-the-art system allows the company to determine the real time condition of any plant whilst monitoring the progress of construction work using cloud storage evaluation.

In addition to the in-house innovation on offer at Avopiling, the firm also has a strong commitment to working collaboratively with technology from overseas. Major investment has been made into a number of technologies to ensure that every service offered is utilising the very best available to the industry.

Current trends across Australia at the moment would suggest that the nation’s government have implemented an agenda to try and catch up on the backlog of road and rail infrastructures. In completing these, congestion would be eased in some of the nation’s capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and other major cities. As society has expanded, these projects have grown in scale and complexity, with the limits of established construction capability being continually challenged. Avopiling have predicted these governmental changes, and are equipped to deal with them.

Firstly, the firm have invested heavily in the largest piling and diaphragm wall technology that is currently available to maximise the boundaries of the construction process. Secondly, Avopiling have also sought to establish an extensive network of state-of-the-art maintenance and repair facilities across Australia to be used throughout any project duration.

Capitalising on the benefits of being based in Australia, Avopiling provide national coverage through established offices and workshops on both the east and west coasts.

Operating across the country, the company’s philosophy of being self-sufficient in terms of its plant fleet benefits from efficient in-house servicing, repair and fabrication expertise.

Looking ahead to developments across the Australian corporate landscape, Avopiling are keenly
aware of emerging trends. There has been a trend within the corporate landscape of foreign investment through acquisition of established local businesses. Australian family ownership of major and specialist contractors has been significantly reduced. As a family-owned and managed business, the firm are looking to maintain the culture that has served it so well, and continue to offer local-based solutions to its loyal customer base.

Ultimately, thirty years of success for Avopiling have contributed to the company remaining one of Australia’s best local businesses for geotechnical and ground engineering solutions. From construction through to certification, the services on offer by this company are ensuring safe Australian infrastructure for years to come.