Welcome to the Q2 edition of APAC Insider Magazine, your quarterly source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region.

As we explore and consider the second quarter of 2022 through this issue, we are invited to fix our eyes upon some incredible businesses from the Asian Pacific region. Weaving a cloth of pure innovation in an ever evolving reality is no small feat but, here, we would like to showcase some show stopping business plans for a more sustainable, creative, and reliable future. With online platforms for fabulous luxury items, programs for revolutionary data dissection – and everything in between – APAC Insider Magazine is presenting a wide variety of invaluable business experiences.

Our cover, City Chain Stores, is continuously rejuvenating the luxury watch world. By working with Swiss watch brands, and by doing so with elegance and style, City Chain Stores has entered a realm of corporate excellence. With its founding company Stelux Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong stock exchange mainboard, City Chain Stores has a lot of experience that is transferrable to its current position on the market.

We are excited to present you with more stories such as this. We wish you the best for these upcoming months and look forward to welcoming you back for Q3 of APAC Insider Magazine 2022.