The beauty of music can be best expressed through its variety, with instruments and styles hailing from all corners of the globe. However, one of the most sophisticated and elegant forms of music comes from the piano, gentle and soothing, or vibrant and explosive. Offering professional piano lesson to students of all ages is the European Piano Academy, winner of this years’ Australian Enterprise Award for Best Piano School – Eastern AUS States. To find out more, we profiled the business.

Formed with the mission of instilling a passionate love for making music into every student that studies there, the European Piano Academy affords people of all ages to chance to enjoy the artistry that is playing the piano. Helping the students, and those people closest to them, enjoy the beauty making music with the piano, the European Piano Academy offers professional lessons to people of all ages and backgrounds, implementing European and Russian teaching techniques. As well as bringing people and communities much closer together through its big family atmosphere and ethos, the school aims to progress the quality of each its students’ piano playing to the highest possible level.

Each student that chooses to study at the European Piano Academy often does so in pursuit of various goals and achievements. To ensure that that every student can strike the perfect balance between making quality progress and enjoying the process while getting there, the staff always strive to use individualised approaches. With more people than ever before becoming interesting in the performing arts, such as playing the piano, the demand for lessons at the European Piano Academy has seen a gradual increase. In order to cater for this increased demand, the school has been making full use of technology such as video calling to stay ahead of these emerging developments, operating effectively, efficiently and without losing the individualised service that makes lessons such a high quality.

Though impossible to foresee, the recent global outbreak of Covid-19 has meant that the decision to invest in technology for use at the European Piano Academy was a truly prudent one indeed. Now, whilst other businesses are having to close doors and postpone services, the school can continue to offer Skype lessons to many of its students, as well as using various software tools to improve note recognition, aural, concentration, focus, and memory skills. Each teacher and staff member is a piano playing professional, delivering lessons of the highest quality to ensure that every student gets the best knowledge and techniques when it comes to mastering the keys.

The European Piano Academy also boasts a course that has been designed specifically for teachers who work with the school, covering the foundation of European and Russian teaching methods that will be utilised in lessons. Always on the lookout for new professional teacher, the European Piano Academy is all about motivating the students to love not just playing the piano itself, but the art of playing the piano in the long run. Complete with a professional educational background within the field, each of the teachers is the embodiment of passion and works tirelessly to imbue that same passion into the students across every single lesson.

Looking to the future, the European Piano Academy is currently in the process of adding new areas in which it can offer piano lessons to students, predominantly around the areas of metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne. Having already conquered the market in the eastern states of Australia, focusing in on the cities is the next logical step. With the excellence of its services, there is little doubt that those in search of true quality will turn to the European Piano Academy for lessons that are the pinnacle of piano-playing.

Striking the perfect chord with students all over the eastern states of Australia, the European Piano Academy beautifully captures both an undying love for the piano, and a desire to see that love extended into new students from all walks of life. As music continues to be such an integral part of so many people’s lives, the European Piano Academy continues to prove itself a maestro of that music, bringing joy to each and every one of its students.