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Articles 10th June 2021

Top Tips to Make Temporary Living a Breeze

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If you ask anyone who has moved to a new house about what the process was like, the unanimous answer is that it is anything but seamless. There might be the occasional person who had a smooth transition process; however, moving into a new house rarely has no obstacles.

In almost all cases, moving is a complicated and occasionally messy process. For some, there may even be a length of time when the old home is sold and the new one is ready. Whilst there are various ways to help reduce stress when moving, most of these centre around packing in advance and asking for help. It is very rare to find help about living in temporary accommodation.

Moving into temporary living, whether it is with family or a short-term lease, can be a challenge to make it feel like home.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are in a temporary living, here are just a few ways to help make it a more bearable experience.

Move-in with Your Essentials

Deciding what to take with you can be challenging, especially if you are in limbo about how long you will be staying in the temporary accommodation. When packing for your move, put aside the things that you need and will use daily. With clothes, you might not need your entire wardrobe with you, so pack the items you know you will wear the most frequently and put the rest in storage boxes or suitcases.

With larger pieces of furniture, like Eva’s Modula sofa and the items that you need in your new home but not in your temporary living space, place them in storage for the time being. Storing them in a garage at a friend or family member’s house is one option but hiring a storage unit is more likely the better option.

Investing in a storage unit, like the ones at Safestore, means you can keep your items safe and protected. With easy access available to your unit, you have the option of swapping items out when needed.

Utilise Removal Décor and Multifunctional Furniture

Since it is only temporary, you won’t be painting the walls or updating the flooring of your temporary living space. While it may not necessarily be to your taste, you can always add some pieces that are easily removable to make the place feel like home. For example, having a large photo frame filled with photos of friends and family. It is something that you would have in your own home and can easily be moved from your temporary location to your new house.

Consider bringing smaller pieces of furniture with you, Eva’s modular sofa, that you are planning to use in your new home when you move. Pieces such as vases, lamps, any decorative items are great ways to help warm up an environment and make it feel like it is your space.

Additionally, investing in some multifunctional furniture, such as an ottoman, helps to make your temporary home feel more like a home, whilst providing you with extra storage.

Personalise Your Temporary Home

Although it may not look like a home, you can make your temporary living space feel like a home. Add pieces that help to make the place feel a little more familiar, even if you are staying in the spare room of friends or family. Having a few photos around the room on shelves or units, throw pillows and cosy blankets on the bed, even your favourite candle burning can help to make spaces feel a little more homely.

Being in a temporary living space is not ideal but you must keep in mind it is temporary. It isn’t your permanent residence and before you know it, you will be moving into your dream home. For the time being, make small changes to help create a more comfortable space that feels more like home.

What if you are moving abroad?

Through no fault of your own you may be forced to relocate due to your work or personal reasons. Sometimes you may even be forced to travel over to the other side of the world. Temporary living often occurs if something significant has changed in your life and you are looking for alternatives.

Whilst we have so far covered what it is like to live in temporary living and where you can store all your stuff, it is also worth noting what life is like in Asia. The APAC region has often been described as exhilarating to live there. It is also affordable and can be as comfortable as temporary living can be. Whilst everybody wants a permanent home, if you have shifted your life halfway around the world, its worth being prepared for all occasions. You can still follow all the same rules you just have to adapt to the culture.

Where are the best places to live in the APAC region?

Whether it is by choice or out of your hands, living a nomadic lifestyle can be a breeze or it can be difficult. If you have followed the advice above of how to make temporary living a breeze, then you are halfway there. If your temporary home however is more than just a short-term place to vacation, then you will also want to make sure it is somewhere you feel safe. We’ve talked about the interior but if you have the choice, there are some great areas in the Asian Pacific region to set up your roots.

Hong Kong

You may have moved to Hong Kong for business or banking reasons. That is a common reason why people move over to this area of the world. It is a great place to live, and the friendly locals always do their best to help you. The business and banking culture also means it is a great city for entrepreneurs. A lot of people will also have the same outlook and view on business.


Bangkok is a lovely place to live for so many reasons. There are a lot of travellers and expats who are wowed by the city. A big and bustling city, the area has great transport links and enables you to move around to pretty much everywhere you want. It’s also great for international transport should your friends and family want to visit and experience the culture themselves. It is a modern-day city with plenty of beaches. What’s not to love?

Temporary living can be a breeze if you make your house a home. Consider where you are living, what you are putting into storage, and what decorations you need, and you are on to a winner.