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Articles 1st December 2022

How Private Health Insurance Works Around the World: USA, UK, and Australia Compared

In the last decade, private health insurance has become more accessible and affordable in the U.S., UK, and Australia.

As a result, it’s now a viable option for millions of people who wouldn’t have been able to afford it before. Many see private health insurance as the only real way to access high-quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Health insurance has a wide range of similarities across different countries, however, there are some specialties present in some countries that are absent in others.

On that note, here are the intricacies of private health insurance in the USA, the UK, and Australia and how to work around them.

Private Health Insurance in Australia

In Australia, private health insurance offers hospital bills and extra bills such as general treatment. If you’re interested, you can take out a plan for both or mix separate covers to sort your needs.

You get to be treated as a private patient when you use a private health insurance plan, with a doctor of your choice.

One advantage of having private health insurance is that you have the privilege to select state-of-the-art healthcare with which doctor you want. And when you feel the need for a change, it can be done quickly and easily.

You can also request a plan that covers the ambulance in your state, especially when this isn’t covered by the government.

Finding Great Value Health Insurance in Australia

People take out private health insurance for various reasons, especially fast access to a doctor of their choice and the quality treatments they receive.

There are two types of private health insurance in Australia, the insurance that covers in-hospital treatment and ancillary or extra covers for ambulance, physiotherapy, and other services.

To find great value health insurance, you should consider your health needs first, this can be discovered when you seek medical advice by talking to a doctor.

After doing this, you can use iSelect to easily compare insurance policies in Australia to find one that suits both your budget and needs.

All you have to do is share a few details about yourself or family members, and the type of private health insurance you’re looking for, then you get different options for comparison.

Private Health Insurance in The United States

The United States healthcare system is a mixed one, largely dominated by commercial health insurance, with the majority of the healthcare facilities operated by the private sector.

Public healthcare is limited and mostly available only to citizens and permanent residents within a certain age range who cannot afford other options of healthcare.

Healthcare in the US is one of the best in the world but this means it can be super expensive. Many people get insurance from their employer or group health insurance plans.

Those who don’t have employer coverage have the option of individual health insurance. Previously, coverage for individuals was limited and not as broad as the employer-sponsored plan.

However, essential health benefits are now being offered on individual medical plans across states in the United States.

Private Health Insurance in the UK

The United Kingdom has several international insurance providers including AXA, Allianz, Bupa, and Cigna, coupled with other local insurers in the union.

Most private insurance plans in the UK cover the cost of inpatient treatments and day care surgery.

You can also include outpatient services, coverage for maternity, dental care, vision, and more medical services according to your health needs.

Also, the average NHS wait time in the UK is a month and two weeks, whereas private hospitals can ensure you see a doctor within hours of request and confirmation of your coverage.

Although NHS insurance provides good health coverage at public facilities, you can expand your coverage to include specific health needs by getting a private health insurance plan.