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Articles 13th May 2020

Defence Consulting Support – Vital to The Defence Industry

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Defence is a key issue across the world, as the need to stay up to date with the latest developments and changing climates is increasingly important. Headmark Consulting Pty Ltd specialise in providing organisations with Subject Matter Experts that hold uniquely useful Information Domain expertise. We took a closer look to learn more about how the firm does it.

In the world of defence, knowledge is the key difference between success and failure. Accessing a pool of information, in areas that are constantly changing, can be a challenge but it is one that Headmark Consulting have taken on, on behalf of organisations that need it.

Large enterprises generally do not need a Subject Matter Expert for the long term, with projects only lasting a finite and explicit amount of time. Headmark Consulting is the ideal solution, therefore, able to supply one of a carefully-curated collection of consultants with not only the domain expertise, but honed skills in applying this knowledge to industry. That said, Headmark Consulting don’t just supply advice to those companies that require a consultant for a project. Its ability to analyse a situation through the prism of defence knowledge makes it a resource that can be applied to logistics, engineering and personnel.

Headmark Consulting can provide advice in an extraordinarily broad field of operations, with the team’s expertise extending across Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Communications, Command and Control, Information Systems and Electronic Warfare in the Joint Maritime, Land and Air domains. This breadth of knowledge could be a major benefit in a number of areas, especially given the recent significant increases in government spending on defence. Increases in spending mark the expansion of the Australian defence contracts and consulting market with many projects being planned and delivered.

Naturally, the positioning of the company is what allows it to make the most of this expanding market and the potential work within. Headmark Consulting has two bases in Brisbane and Canberra so that its team is able to capitalise on available workforces while staying close to the company’s customer base. Good positioning in this way encourages the workforce, while making communications much easier within the company.

Dealing with secure situations on a mostly remote basis means that staff have a lot of independence, being delegated the responsibility to get the job done. This engenders a strong principle of self-worth in the team at large, with each expert in charge of satisfying their customers and their customer’s requirements. That said, it does make the work of keeping secretive and secure information safe absolutely essential. To do this, Headmark Consulting make significant use of integrated Software as a Service Systems, as well as cloud service with robust security protocol implementations. Through these modern systems, it is possible for the company’s geographically disparate workforce to access the necessary information at the right time. The company has not always run like this. Changing to this more modern system has not only decreased the overheads of double handling the work, it has increased company efficiency while retaining the all-important security factor that is paramount to success.

This technological way of thinking has permeated every aspect of the company, with team members using their own networks of colleagues and recommendations to build up the business. LinkedIn has proved to be an incredibly useful tool in expanding these networks even further. All this growth in terms of staff will allow Headmark Consulting to continue its steady expansion into the heart of South Australia, as well as its growth into the United Kingdom.

Despite these plans for expansion, the heart of Headmark Consulting remains that of a small company eagerly punching above its weight. The lean and keen approach ensures that the team do not get complacent in their work and remain able to perform their exceptional services for their clients.

Company: Headmark Consulting Pty Ltd

Contact: Daniel Lord