Cairns Car Brokers offers a modern used car buying service for people who are tired of the stress that comes with purchasing a motor vehicle. We profile the firm to find out more about how it

works closely with its clients to ensure they enjoy the highest possible standard of service. Offering a range of quality used motor vehicles to meet the $4000 to $40 000 price bracket, Cairns Car  brokers is able to support a wide range of clients and help them to find the vehicle they need at a price that suits them.

Owner, Operator and Licenced Motor Dealer, Ryan Siegmann, has been in the used car business for over 11 years, and as a Cairns local he is able to welcome every client in a friendly and approachable manner and help them to find the perfect vehicle quickly and easily. Ryan’s wife Kim is the Managing Director in charge of accounts, marketing and administration. The entire team is treated like family, and they all have very defined roles within the company and work together to achieve a common goal without encroaching on each other’s area of expertise. Ryan and Kim have an open-door policy for both staff and clients, so that they are always available to anyone who needs them and can provide them with the support they need.

Over recent years, digital and online marketing has changed the face of the vehicle sales market. Consumers have all of the information they need at their fingertips and do most of their research online before even leaving their home or office. As a result of this development, Cairns Car Brokers are starting to see a shift from motor dealers having a presence on major arterial roads to housing their products off main streets, in warehouses or holding yards. Offering the best of both worlds, the company has very much embraced technology and yet still retains a compact yard located just off a major arterial road with easy access, so that clients do not have to choose between an online broker and a traditional forecourt.

In line with this focus on innovation, moving forward Cairns Car Brokers plan to use technology to solidify its position as Cairns’ most trusted Independent Car Yard, all the while seeking to continue to

offer clients the same exceptional level of service and support that they have come to rely on.

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