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Business Success Stories 11th September 2018

Modern Cosmetic Medicine and the Artist

Modern Cosmetic Medicine and the Artist

Modern Cosmetic Medicine and the Artist

Dr Tass Tasiopoulos has long been considered one of the leading practitioners in cosmetic medicine in Australia, and indeed, around the world. In August, Dr Tass Cosmetic and Skin Clinics were recognised as the Leading Aesthetic Service Provider of the Year, in APAC Insider Magazine’s 2018 APAC Excellence Awards programme. On the back of this achievement, we took a look at Dr Tass’s innovative approach to cosmetic health.

From the outset, it is clear that Dr Tass approaches cosmetic medicine very differently to his western counterparts. His range of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments speak to a sensibility that defends natural beauty, and more importantly, dermal health. In this, Dr Tass boasts a holistic view to aesthetics, employing his artistic skill to elevate the individual to their new, more youthful, healthier selves.

Over the last few years, Australia has seen a booming interest in cosmetic services that coincides with a growth in the healthcare sector as a whole. All in all, it is clear that Australians are becoming more concerned with ensuring that their good health, and their looks, last into their senior years. Equally, cosmetic regulation in the country is notoriously stringent, ensuring that only the best medical practitioners are licensed to practice. Dr Tass certainly fits this criterion, becoming a harbinger of sorts for a new movement in the health sector. He is, essentially, ahead of his time, adopting proprietary techniques that are at the very cutting edge of science and health care.

Held in high-esteem by national media agencies and industry-leading publications alike, Dr Tass has acquired an impressive list of clients who are eager for his unique perspective of cosmetic treatments. In many ways, his vision of human beauty is driven by an intrinsic spark of creativity, approaching each treatment as an artist would a canvas. Considering a triumvirate of factors – products, technique, and artistic ability – Dr Tass ensures that an optimal result is achieved every time a client enters the clinic.

Alongside his team of experts, including dermal therapists, cosmetic physicians, and general practitioners, Dr Tass has created a clinic that truly values client satisfaction, and holds – at its heart- an innate appreciation for beauty and health. In a world that seems eager to keep up with the latest trends and fashions, Dr Tass offers a refreshing tonic by returning to the important fundamentals of cosmetic medicine. For this, they are worthy recipients of recognition within the APAC Excellence Awards, representing an exemplary standard that others should hope to recreate.

Company: Dr Tass Cosmetic and Skin Clinics
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