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Business Advice 31st August 2017

Tailor-Made Approach

Tailor-Made Approach


Chief Operating Officer of Management Consultancy International Pty Ltd (MCI), Avron Newstadt received the prestigious CEO of the Year – Australia accolade earlier this year. Since then, we caught up with him to find more about his own background and the company he works for today.

Management Consultancy International Pty Ltd.’s (MCI), current Chief Operating Officer, Avron Newstadt is originally from South Africa. As a chartered accountant, Avron is a seasoned professional with financial and operational roles under his belt, within several industries. Today, he is responsible for managing all operational aspects of MCI including finance, HR, IT, administration, marketing, facilities, legal and compliance. 

In this compelling interview, he is keen to reveal more about his current responsibilities and to provide a flavour of the MCI’s consulting and training work.

“I am also responsible for the provision of information to the board and shareholders. My role has involved improving financial and operational reporting systems, improving the compliance framework and developing a centralised project management function to improve project outcomes. MCI employs approximately 80+ staff and has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

“At MCI, we consult individually with our clients from the beginning to the end of your experience. We take the time to support you, L&D and HR professionals, by making sure we know exactly why and what training is required for your best results. Our tailormade approach ensures we recommend the most appropriate training solution for you.” 

How MCI structures training

In terms of how MCI structures training, this incorporates customised and practical content, as well as in the training room and after the training. Avron provides an insight into these four aspects of the company’s training, in his own words.

“On customised content, we are focused on behavioural change, targeting the right needs is important for creating long-term impacts on the business. We customise the programme content – We have an overarching approach to the different topic areas and adjust the contents of the programme to meet the needs of the client.

“On practical content, we aim to be as practical as possible when designing the training programme; we provide participants with the tools, the knowledge and the skills in which they can apply what they have learnt with us back in the workforce. In the programmes, we can build in client specific documentation. For example, if there are process or procedure documents we add that into the program, this helps to make the training as relevant and relatable as possible to business that is undergoing training.

“Also, we are fully focused on engaging participants and making the training fun. There is no point in conducting boring training – the information taught, then has no hope of sticking with the participants. The training is activity based – no longer sitting at the table listening to people, the participants will be up and doing most of the work by participating. Our trainers are facilitators, we are there to facilitate the learning of the people in the room, we want them to recognise that they already have a lot of the knowledge inside them.

“After the training, our relationship with you doesn’t end with you there; we evaluate the learning after the training. For a period of up to 12 months post the training – we give you feedback from the participants and from their managers so you the clients can see how that learning has transpired out into the workforce. Have you seen behavioural change? Have you seen an improvement in results?”

Training options

At MCI Solutions, they understand that for different companies, the way in which training is conducted might not always be the same. Different people might require a different method of training or learning, and they understand that. That’s why they have a range of options to suit almost any organisation, whether a virtual classroom is needed due to geographically dispersed teams or a learning app is needed to reinforce training, they have the solution for you and your team. 

Avron then highlights four training options the company offers in his own words. “On bespoke or customised training, I would say that we are focused on behavioural change, 
targeting the right needs is important for creating longterm impacts on the business. We customise the program content – we have an overarching approach to the different topic areas and adjust the contents of the program to meet the needs of the client.

“Where virtual classrooms are concerned, do you spend a portion of your training budget on travel expenses to move participants around the country? Do your teams operate globally and need consistent training on key tropics? Virtual classrooms deliver training to groups in an online environment that is as efficient and as interactive as face-to-face training.

“We also have a learning app that embeds learning. Participants retain less than 20% of a training program. Learning apps change that. The modern learner requires on-going practice to embed skills and apply them to working conditions. Without continuous and ongoing practice, training is not retained. New habits are formed and skills applied with practice. Learning apps are continuing the conversation with participants, for 3-6 months after the face-to-face training has ended. Make your training budget more effective.

“On face-to-face training, we are fully focused on engaging participants and making the training fun. There is no point in conducting boring training – the information taught then has no hope of sticking with the participants. The training is activity based – no longer sitting at the table listening to people, the participants will be up and doing most the work by participating.”

If those options aren’t enough for you, then read on as there are more including a new LMS with a real ROI, as well as blended and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) training.

“A new generation of Learning Management Systems that incorporate evidence based learning methodologies and deliver training that ticks all the boxes. Cloud based means that you have no technology to fuss with, performance is never an issue, new features are automatically added, and all your material is available on every kind of device, anywhere.

“For organisations that require the flexibility of an online course and some face-to-face sessions. Blended training enhances the corporate training experience by providing the best of all learning models, online and face-to-face.

“RPL recognises a person’s current skills and knowledge. We formally acknowledge how and where previous learning has occurred.”

Finally, Avron highlights MCI Solutions true passion, but highlights that they are serious about their social responsibility as a company.

“At MCI Solutions, we are passionate about training and how having motivated and engaged staff can have a great impact on the success of a business. We appreciate the benefits that education has brought into our lives and our company. To give back to others less fortunate than ourselves we are involved in some community minded activities and charities including Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day, Our Big Kitchen and Northcott.”


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