Business blackout

7 Steps Businesses Should Follow In a Blackout

During a blackout your utility company needs to know when and where it occurs, so make sure to call your utility’s designated line as soon as possible to report the blackout and provide any information that may help. You can also call 105 free to report issues or get information about blackouts in your local area. Make sure to only call 999 if you or others are in immediate danger.

Best B2B eCommerce Platforms: Comparison Table

As a business owner, you can make your company known across the world through the use of the best B2B eCommerce platforms. Not only can they help you reach more customers, but they can do so in an easier way. If you're looking for a B2B eCommerce platform that will allow you to create your online store, then this article is for you. In it, we will discuss nine popular B2B eCommerce platforms used by businesses today and how they differ from each other.

Business Expansion Guide For Entrepreneurs

Thanks to the advancing technology and communication infrastructure, business expansion has become easier. Whether setting up a new branch in the North American region or planning to invest in a new Italian startup, there is an ocean of opportunities for you to explore.

Business Continuity

A Guide to Business Continuity: Implementing a Plan For Your Business

Business continuity is a company or organisation’s ability to retain and maintain essential business functions during a disaster as well as how well it can recover from the situation. By ensuring that there are sufficient business continuity resources in place, an organisation can prevent serious interruptions to mission-critical operations and services.