Welcome to the Q1 edition of APAC Insider Magazine, your quarterly source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region.

As we enter the first quarter of 2022, we are able to gaze towards a busy and progressive year for the APAC region. With amazing achievements across all industries and sectors, the Asia Pacific region is truly excelling at everything that it does.

All things considered, with the global pandemic stunning and slowing the world, the Asian Pacific region has excelled and produced a high number of successful businesses. Turning everything that it touches to gold, these companies have made huge differences to the way we see low carbon construction, luxury electric vehicles, sustainability through eco-friendly products, and the security industry.

With a wide variety of businesses winning prestigious awards such as these, despite the tumultuous nature of the last couple of years, APAC Insider Magazine would like to present you with big brands and clever companies that are altering the trajectory of their sectors.

We hope you enjoy perusing this quarter’s edition of APAC Insider and its insight into the corporate landscape of the region. As ever, we wish you all the best throughout 2022 and we hope to see you again for Q2.