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The investment round is led by Square Peg, a leading global VC firm whose investments include unicorns such as Canva, FinAccel and Airwallex. Other participants are Jungle Ventures, Granite Oak, FinAccel, Phoenix Holdings (existing investor) and other super angels.
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Private market exchange ADDX has enabled rare fractional access to a private credit fund with more than US$1 billion in committed capital, reducing the fund’s minimum investment size for individual accredited investors from US$5 million to US$20,000.
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Japan Finance 1024x576
Financial services company Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings and private market exchange ADDX have announced a new partnership to offer fractional private market investment products to investors in Japan, after Tokai Tokyo secured a security tokens license from the Japanese regulator.
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Property Investment 1024x576
There are many types of investments that you can make, ranging from stocks to cryptocurrency. However, most of these investments come with huge risks, which is something that many people find to be a bit off-putting and discouraging. Fortunately, there is something that comes with considerably lower risk, and that
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Investments 1024x576
European-Asian private equity firm AGIC Capital today announces the successful final closing of its second fund, AGIC Fund II, which will be focused on advanced industrial and medical technology investments.
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Offshore 1024x576
Digital securities exchange ADDX – formerly known as iSTOX – expects to enlarge its business in China significantly, after concluding a US$200-million agreement tied to a government-granted quota for Chinese offshore investments.
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Malaysia Real Estate 1024x576
Selangor is commonly known as the second most prosperous state in all of Malaysia, so it would certainly make business sense to invest in local real estate. To put more facts behind the claim, let us take a look at Selangor from a real estate investor’s perspective.
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Chargebacks 1024x576
Chargeback was created as a protective tool for customers from any fraudulent merchants on the market. Nowadays the situation has changed. Merchant payments for chargebacks became a target for numerous fraudsters.
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Hong Kong Wealth Management 1024x576
The Hong Kong wealth market is expected to rebound after a COVID-19 pandemic induced contraction in 2020, driving up affluent investor numbers. This population, including mass affluent investors (holding liquid assets of US$50,000–$1m) and high-net-worth (HNW) individuals (holding liquid assets of more than US$1m), is expected to grow by 7.8%
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Digital Economy 1024x576
As an important part of 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference, the 2021 Global Digital Economy Innovation Competition will be held on August 2, 2021 in Beijing.
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Real Estate Invetsment 1024x576
Investing in real estate is an excellent way to build a solid financial foundation for the future. However, operating in a competitive housing market is not a straightforward task. On the contrary, it requires tons of patience, extended knowledge of trends, and some luck. Moreover, real estate investment requires dedication
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Investment 1024x576
There are many people out there who are always keen on making smart investments, and it should come as no surprise. Who would pass up an opportunity for doubling their money? It is not that hard, either. There are quite a few industries out there that appear to be extremely
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