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Mauritius Money 1024x576
MCB is facilitating Senegal's endeavour to improve its national electrification rate through its USD 60 million participation in the syndicated project finance facility of USD 140 million to Karpowership. MCB was not only a co-mandated lead arranger but provided the highest loan commitment. The project finance facility is enabling Karpowership
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China Stock Market 1024x576
It's a misnomer to call the Chinese stock exchange a market, because markets by definition are places where buyers and sellers freely meet and exchange things of monetary value. The People's Republic of China, one of the two nations called China, (the other being the sovereign nation of Taiwan, off
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Financial Tips 1024x576
You may have the best idea in the world, but if you don't have the money in place to launch your startup and keep it going, it will be difficult for you to succeed. You need to get your financial situation in order and line up funding. You may want
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Revenue 1024x576
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited today outlined its ambition for above-market, double-digit revenue growth of its Growth and Emerging Markets Business Unit (“GEM BU”). The revenue goal of JPY 1 trillion (approximately US$9 billion) by FY2030 represents more than doubling of current revenues in GEM BU. This potential growth will be
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Offshore Banking 1024x576
Home to many financial institutions, Hong Kong has long been recognised as a prime location for financial services. But amid the anti-government protests in 2019, there has been concern regarding the growth of the city’s economy, slumping Hong Kong into a long recession. While optimists believe the turbulence will subside
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Paypal 1 1024x576
With PayPal boasting over 20 million active merchant accounts, it’s clear many businesses are swayed by its global popularity, ease of use and secure payment gateways. However, its attractive simplicity often sees PayPal become the default money transfer service for businesses who fail to research the market. Ultimately, they miss
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Savings 1024x576
Some parents are fortunate enough to be in a financial position where they do not have to work too hard at growing and maintaining their child’s college fund. For the large majority of parents though, saving for their child’s higher education is a serious concern that they must always keep
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Indian Currency 1024x576
As Bitcoin adoption continues to skyrocket, the cryptocurrency is coming under increasing regulatory scrutiny particularly in India. What do Modi’s government’s moves against BTC mean for the future of crypto?
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Mastercard 3 1024x576
Private and public collaboration to focus on using digitalisation to address a range of economic, commercial, and social issues.
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China Acts To Encourage And Support Foreign Investment 1024x576
China is taking a number of steps to maintain, support and encourage inward investment into the country in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
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Sri Lanka 1024x576
Priceless Cities is a program available exclusively to Mastercard cardholders and provides access to unforgettable experiences in the cities where one lives and travels. Currently, the program covers over 40 cities and destinations.
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Hra Pharma 1024x576
HRA Pharma has established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China and has set up a joint venture with specialty healthcare company Profex dedicated to the commercialization of its consumer healthcare products in China.
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