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Articles 10th August 2021

Does It Make Business Sense to Invest in Selangor Real Estate?

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Selangor is commonly known as the second most prosperous state in all of Malaysia, so it would certainly make business sense to invest in local real estate. To put more facts behind the claim, let us take a look at Selangor from a real estate investor’s perspective.


The Second Most Prosperous Malaysian State

Kuala Lumpur is, of course, the most financially successful state in Malaysia, but that does not always make it the most prospective area to invest in real estate. The problem with Kuala Lumpur is that the real estate there is already far too expense and developed. Buying property in Kuala Lumpur as an investor is going to be very expensive with no guarantee of significant returns anytime soon. Selangor, on the other hand, offers more opportunities for future growth in price.

In fact, developing townships such as Bukit Beruntung is considered to be one of the best places for retired expats to settle for a life of peace and quiet, without sacrificing any of the modern life comforts. Whether you are an expat, a working professional, or a real estate investor looking for the perfect series of property to invest in, take a look at these options in Bukit Beruntung listed on Property Guru. is the most extensive website to find real estate in the country, so rest assured that you will find more than enough options to select from their collection. Just adjust the filters to see exactly the kind of real estate that you are looking for.


Attractions Raise the Price of Real Estate

For a long time, international tourism ceased almost completely due to the recent pandemic, but the doors are starting to open now. This is good news for locals, travelers and, of course, real estate investors. Now is also the perfect time to buy property in Selangor because the prices are still down.

Once international tourism gains full force, all prime areas in the state will become a lot more expensive. In case you are not aware, Selangor has a large number of tourist attractions such as:

  • The Sky Mirror of Kuala Selangor (only two such places exist in the entire world)
  • Selangor is the golfing capital of Malaysia with 46 beautiful golf courses spread throughout the state
  • The Golden Triangle of Selangor
  • The Blue Mosque (Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah)
  • The famous i-City, which is also known as one of the world’s only true smart cities
  • Trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing and more at Hulu Selangor and Kanching.

Even as someone who has retired to Malaysia or is at least thinking about it, rest assured that you will not have any shortage of places to enjoy in Selangor.


Developments in Progress

There are several developments in progress already, especially in and around the aforementioned township of Bukit Beruntung. This provides investors an opportunity to immediately join an ongoing project, without having to spend money on founding one by themselves. Even if you wish to start a housing project of your own in the developing parts of Selangor, the state government will most likely welcome the opportunity. To know more about the necessary permissions, licenses, permits, etc. as a builder/developer that you may need to get started, pay a visit to the state government website here.


Some of the Most Popular Residential Areas in Malaysia are in Selangor

Selangor provides the perfect mixture of rural tranquility and urban life within a few short miles of each other. You could drive out of your beautiful country house and find thriving nightlife within just a few minutes! On the other hand, you can drive back from a tiring day of work in one of the industrial districts and enter your little piece of personal heaven in a nice and quiet residential neighborhood in about the same time.

This is what makes Selangor particularly popular among expatriates, locals, and working foreigners alike. We have already mentioned Bukit Beruntung, but other nearby locations like Cheras, Shah Alam, and Puchong hold similar charms as well, albeit in slightly different flavors. Combine all of this with the comparatively affordable price of real estate in Selangor and now you know why the state is applauded so much as a residential state.

When you first move into a new country, it will be difficult irrespective of where you move to. Even then, Selangor just promises to be a better fit, because the state isn’t yet as overdeveloped as some other parts of the country are. This provides a newcomer with the little respite they need, while getting oriented with their new home. From a real estate investor’s perspective, it is important that they pay heed to why people like Selangor and implement their development plans accordingly, so as to keep those likable aspects undisturbed.