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APAC INSIDER ISSUE 27th October 2016

APAC Insider October 2016

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APAC Insider October 2016

Welcome to the October edition of APAC Insider Magazine, which features the latest news, updates and developments across the Asia Pacific region.

Ensurance Ltd have set up new offices in the UK. Their managing director tells us about the company’s expansion into the international market. Also featured in this issue are Stellar, who’s success has led them to become Australia’s leading contact centre solutions provider.

We also explore the continued growth in technology in the region including the news that the Chinese virtual reality market is expected to be worth $840 million by the year’s end, according to a report by e-commerce company and Currencycloud which will be supporting digital enterprises with the introduction of six new local pay-out countries in APAC to its platform.

Also, we delve into the hospitality industry to see how Dari Indera Villas and Spa, based in Indonesia, is expanding its operations to the UK and Ireland, whilst also exploring the news that The Luxury Collection® Hotels & Resorts is making inroads in China with its debut in Hunan province.

Lastly, we wrap up the latest APAC deals and partnerships.

We hope you enjoy this issue.