A small town by a stream of water such as the sea or the ocean can really benefit from having a marina built. It can create more business opportunities due to increased tourism and recreational activities, such as boating and fishing. Additionally, marinas often create jobs related to boat maintenance, sales and other services, which is to the benefit of the local economy. Here is a closer look at the benefits of a new marina for the citizens of the town where it is built.

Marinas attract Tourism

When a marina is built in a town, it can bring tourism in many different ways. One of the most obvious is that it provides boaters and other visitors with a place to park their yachts and other types of boats. It also creates water-based recreational activities, such as fishing and boat tours. All of these attract new visitors who spend money on lodging, food, and other amenities in the town. Such a construction requires marina builders with experience. They can help design the plans, handle production and complete its installation as well.

Additionally, marinas can attract tourists through a variety of events, such as fishing tournaments or boating shows. They are known to draw large crowds, and they are often made-up of wealthy individuals. A gathering of yachts is sure to bring in valued customers for all businesses in town. And so, there is no doubt that the presence of a marina can greatly enhance the tourism opportunities, but also the appeal of the town, making it a more attractive destination.

Marinas generate employment

Marinas can create jobs in several ways, both directly and indirectly. It is a known fact that many small towns have made recreational boating the main source of their economic life. It is the case in Mediterranean countries as well as in the Gulf of Mexico and the US. In fact, a study made in America showed that every dollar spent on building a marina is converted into $6.50 to $10, later on. Not only does it create jobs, but it also raises real estate value, while generating new taxes for the town and the region.

In terms of direct employment, marinas have a staff of employees who are responsible for maintaining and operating the facilities, managing the boats and the boat traffic as well. They are also the one providing the various services to visitors, which include boat rentals, fuelling, and provisioning. It often offers maintenance and repair to owner of boats that have suffered incidents before arriving in the marina.

Indirectly, marinas also create jobs because they attract new visitors and in a greater number. This generates economic activity, as more tourists come to the marina to enjoy a variety of recreational activities. As they spend money in various shops in town, it is bound to end-up creating more new jobs.

Finally, it is also true that the presence of a marina improves the overall quality of life of the town. It makes it a more interesting destination for visitors, while residents can also enjoy it, whenever the weather gets warmer.