Happy New Year and welcome to the Q1 issue of APAC Insider magazine, your source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region. This quarter’s issue has a firm focus on corporate social responsibility as part of our ‘Year in Review’ feature. There’s been a sort of paradigm shift over the last few years as companies of all shapes and sizes pivot their focus to other interests besides purely generating profit.

With all things considered, it seemed an almost inevitable change. As the world’s largest companies become ever-larger, their CEOs become almost akin to political leaders, directing thousands of employees and controlling wealth greater than that of some nations. Today, where knowledge is more widespread and more easily accessible, these business leaders are forced into the spotlight, and held accountable for their company’s actions. Running parallel to all of this is the greater movement towards more social responsibility as a whole, as people become more aware of their input and contributions to society.

And so, we come to two companies that have chosen to focus their efforts on ethical business operations. First up is IPA Australia. As a Profit-for-Purpose company, they have become a significant force in spearheading real change in their industry and region. The other is ACI Global, which is dedicated to improving organisations and people across New South Wales and beyond. Find out more in our ‘Year in Review’ supplement feature.

Here at APAC Insider, we truly hope that you thoroughly enjoy reading our Q4 edition and look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts on this issue.