Everything you sell online defines your business, so product research is vital. Even one bad review can harm your online E-commerce business. According to Printful, though the investment is small, it is essential to avoid fragile or more oversized products that might backfire in shipping fees.

A product’s weight and size will cut down on your profit margins, so you should focus on medium-to-small sized objects, such as customized clothes, or sell products that are easy to use to ensure customer satisfaction.

With that being said, here is how to choose the right dropshipping products for your brand and stay away from negative reviews!


Avoid Expensive Objects

Depending on your budget, you might head or ignore dropshipping’s easy yet low-cost features. Selling overpriced products might not guarantee an improvement in sales. Think about this for a second; a higher price means a customer will have higher expectations.

It’s easy to miss those expectations, resulting in negative feedback, especially if they have to return that product. If you focus on simple yet affordable products, you will have a higher chance of raising your online business.


Easy to Use Objects

Though you may choose some abstract items to sell, you must understand how they work. If you struggle with it, your clients will as well. Instead, focus on selling items that are easy to use and won’t leave customers scratching their heads.

Every frustration can turn into a returned product or negative review, which is something you want to avoid in the E-commerce business.


Focus on Pain Points

Do your research appropriately to get the most out of your dropshipping products. Focus on how to solve the consumer’s pain points. This means that you have to offer products that the consumer can use and solve their needs.

This is a great sales booster if you understand your customer base well.


Sell Unique Items

Unique items are great dropshipping products to sell, as long as they are helpful, aren’t overpriced, fragile, complicated to use, or too big. Such items can be easily made through customizations.

You can choose a T-shirt, blankets, cups, just about anything! Most people can enjoy a unique item, and the best part is, at least when it comes to customized clothes, is that you can also choose the fabrics.

This way, you can make your products of higher quality, and get some great reviews from your customers, which will slowly yet surely boost your sales and online presence.


Don’t Pick Large or Fragile Items.

Let’s face it; you don’t have any guarantee that the fragile items you are selling through dropshipping won’t arrive broken. Even if it’s not your fault, that negative review might be just around the corner.

Apart from this, it can also cause you some additional costs, such as sending a new item. Due to their volume and weight, you will inevitably have to pay additional shipping fees when it comes to big products. These fees will cut down on your profit, so make sure to avoid more oversized or fragile items while dropshipping.

Big items are also prone to damage, so you can again risk upsetting your customers. In the world of e-commerce, reviews are a breaker or a maker. Be a maker and act smart with your dropshipping products for your brand.