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New Data Privacy Law Passed in China

China’s National People’s Congress officially passed a law designed to protect private online user data. Here we will take a look at what this new law is, what is means for businesses, and what could happen in the future.


Small IP prosecution firm grows into leading practice – India

In 2009, at the age of 28, Sagar Chandra established his own firm as a first-generation lawyer. Bringing Ishani Chandra on a year later, Sagar Chandra & Associates was a small, but hard-working team of three. Today, however, the firm has grown into a well-recognised organisation with a leading practice made up of twenty-five young

Firm growth

One of Australia’s largest IP law firm’s thrives during the pandemic

After over a century of growth and evolution, Griffith Hack has established itself as one of Australia’s largest specialist Intellectual Property firms dedicated to providing commercial and client-centric services locally, nationally and internationally. Focusing on Patents, Trademarks and IP Litigation, Griffith Hack offers IP protection strategies and solutions that are tailored to their clients’ needs,

Making Justice A Priority

Making Justice A Priority

Thanks to a vast wealth of experience, National Criminal Lawyers™ is one of Sydney's most sought after criminal law firms. Having been awarded as the Best Criminal Law Firm 2018 in New South Wales in our 'Winner's Review' of the past year, we profiled the firm to showcase the secrets behind its success.

Leading Criminal Defence Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights

Leading Criminal Defence Lawyers Fighting for Your Rights

Sydney Criminal Lawyers is comprised of some of the finest, and most experienced, criminal lawyers in New South Wales. Earlier this year, as part of the ongoing 2018 APAC Excellence Awards programme, Sydney Criminal Lawyers were awarded the title of 'Leading Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year'. Following this achievement, we profiled the firm to find out more about how they have become the pace-setters in a notoriously competitive, and challenging, legal arena.