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Business Success Stories 27th May 2016

Teleperformance Expands Global Footprint to Australia

Teleperformance Expands Global Footprint to Australia

Teleperformance Expands Global Footprint to Australia

Teleperformance , the global leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management, today announced the opening of a 300 workstation contact center in Australia. Located 16 kilometers outside of Melbourne in Burwood, Victoria, the facility is close in proximity to residential communities and colleges, including Deakin University, and offers opportunities for both part and full-time employment.

Teleperformance employees in Burwood will provide a broad range of services for global technology brands in the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market, plus English support for the Asia Pacific region. By 2017, the site is expected to double in size through growth with both local and global companies operating domestically or outside of the country.

The new contact center continues to ramp-up after officially going online on March 14. In the subsequent week from its launch, the Burwood facility was able to exceed its customer satisfaction targets by double digits.

“We are excited to grow our footprint in Australia and offer new opportunities to the community of Melbourne,” said Paulo César Salles Vasques, Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Group. “The opening plays an important role in driving our continued and expanding support for the ANZ market. The growth we are seeing is a testament to the professionalism and performance of our people and the superior service they provide our customers. We are really happy to welcome a new team of talented and passionate people to our Teleperformance family in Australia.”

“Today’s announcement is a major milestone for our continued expansion into the ANZ market,” said Dave Rizzo, President, Teleperformance Asia Pacific. “We are proud of the local team led by Executive Vice President Hannah Do. The success of the site is only possible due to everyone’s dedication and commitment to our clients, our customers and our Burwood center. There is no doubt of more success stories to come from Burwood and Teleperformance Australia.”